Annual Challenge: The Railroad Bridge by Lorraine

Here is the first entry for the annual challenge to shoot the same thing throughout the year. Thanks Lorraine for all of your hard work and I am so glad you caught the train in pixels!

“I really had a lot of fun this year with this challenge. I have been to this bridge day and night. I sat there at night by this bridge, in the car with the doors locked, waiting for the moon to rise across the lake. Sometimes I will drive by it when I am out and about just to check on it to see if anything interesting may be going on around it. Outside of kids sometimes playing in the nearby soccer field, it is often a very quiet place. I sometimes hear wildlife rustling in the thick brush and trees nearby. It may be an old and kind of rough railroad bridge but I find it very interesting.

When I stand under it and take in all the details, I can’t help but think of all the hard work the men put into building this in 1922. I also imagine all the horses and the old automobiles that have driven under this. It is quite fascinating to me. I checked out a book from the library on the history of Rowlett. I was hoping to find a photo of this bridge being built and was unable to find any, but the book did give me a feel for what life was like during this time.

This has been a great experience and helped me learn about photography with the different challenges I faced while shooting.

One of my biggest goals during this year was to actually catch a train on this bridge. Throughout the year I have researched on the web, asked people questions regarding train schedules, listened for the train, which I can hear if I am outside in the yard. I wasn’t coming up with anything that had a pattern to it. I was getting frustrated! Everytime I heard the train when I was out in the yard or somewhere nearby, I would get so upset that I wasn’t at “MY” bridge at that moment!

Recently, Mike had been hearing the train whistle at 1:15pm on Thursdays. The Thursday before the ice hit….Mike encouraged me to go give it a try. I really hate the cold and so Mike had to push extra hard to convince me to go. He said he would drive me and keep the van warm while I got out to shoot. Right after we got there, we heard the whistle. Being the crazy woman I am, I was the first one out of the van into the 30 degree temperature. I don’t even want to know what the wind chill was, but it was freezing! I ran towards the bridge, trying to pull off my lens cap, and fumble with my camera settings. When I looked up, the train was emerging from behind the trees coming onto the bridge. I just started shooting and hoping for the best!

I finally had gotten it!! It was such a good day!!!! After wanting to get this shot for almost a year now…..I finally succeeded!

I have fallen in love with this old railroad bridge. This challenge may be over but I am not done with this bridge yet!!!! I want to continue to keep taking photos of it. I can still see a lot of interesting possibilities in photographing this bridge. I put these photos on Flickr in a set called “Bridge Over The Bankhead” and plan to add more.” To see Lorraine’s flickr site:

Railroad Bridge (Photography by Lorraine)

Bridge Over the Bankhead
(Photography by Lorraine)

(Click on photo to enlarge)


20 thoughts on “Annual Challenge: The Railroad Bridge by Lorraine

  1. What can I say Lorraine? I am blown away by your persistence and your story about capturing your railroad bridge, and finally catching the train crossing over. You were even able to catch the bridge during the ice storm with icy fingers on the vegetation. Lots of interesting shots. Of course, the train is a favorite but my all time favorite was the sunset under the bridge and vivid blue sky above the bridge. Excellent vision and timing to catch this!

  2. Love each and every shot, and each one reminds me of the now-gone railroad that ran through my hometown all my growing-up years. You probably will win the prize for most-persistent…there is a prize for that, isn’t there, Fay?

  3. Great job Lorraine. Wish I could be as persistent as you are. I love the train also. The change of the seasons with the trees were beautiful. Great choice

    • Debbie,
      Thank you so much!!! It was interesting for me to really pay attention to how things looked with the different seasons!!

  4. Lorraine, I very much enjoyed reading your descriptive account of your progress in creating such a worthy and exemplary first entry in this year’s ultimate challenge. All the images are engaging and work together nicely to complete this seasonal montage. I’m often amazed that no matter how many times I go back to a place there always seems to be a fresh perspective to be gained. And certainly each of your shots are a testament to that fresh perspective. Bridge Over The Bankhead is a creatively artful work done well.

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