December Challenge: Shoot the Same Thing All Year

IMG_9188-EditrsThanks to all the crazies who have been out there shooting throughout the year and entering the challenges. I have seen your passion for photography developing and I think you have pushed yourselves to shoot things you might not otherwise have shot. I can only hope that this will continue and that you find photography an important part of your life.

Last January I gave you a yearly challenge and I was unsure if anyone would follow through and I am pleased to announce that several of you have. The challenge was to shoot the same thing throughout the year… different seasons, time of day, weather, composition, angles, etc. The idea of this challenge was to impress upon you the fact that you can shoot the same thing over and over and get very different results. Some might say… “Oh, I already shot that tree”, but that tree (or whatever) can change dramatically.

When I published our first book, I honored one of our members for her achievements, and feel it is appropriate to begin this challenge with her entry…. and I am speaking of Lorraine. As always, Lorraine has a story to tell about her venture into photography and I think it only fitting to let her say it in her own words.

“I believe this is the first time I have ever started a hobby that I have been able to stick with and thoroughly enjoy! I have tried to get the hang of doing well with cooking and baking. Not been successful with that. I have yarn and crochet needles sitting around that I wasn’t able to get the hang of and be able to use. I have a guitar sitting in my living room that I have tried to learn to
play…..well I haven’t picked it up in a few years! I had a sewing machine….could never get it figured out and laying out and cutting out patterns was a total flop. You get the picture here! I have a hard time when it comes to learning new things and I get overwhelmed and frustrated very easily.

When you started the CWPC, I was really concerned photography would be too hard for me to be able to do. You had such a WONDERFUL attitude about it and were so encouraging that I was at ease to at least give it a try. Also, I had seen some of the photos you brought to work and they were fantastic! It felt so promising to give it a try. I had so much respect, and still do of course, for your great works!!! And I met one of the “must haves” at 100%……..being CRAZY! Not only have you inspired me, but you have lit the fire in Mike to get out and shoot again! I am soooo grateful for this!”

I thank Lorraine for the kind words and can tell you she is not only 100% CrAzY but she also gives 100% in researching and shooting her chosen subject. She is detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. It is obvious that her work ethic transfers to her pursuit of photography as well.

In the next post I will feature Lorraine’s collage of her old railroad bridge in Rowlett. We will also have some holiday photos entered in this month’s entries.


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