November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #11 Garden Reflections

We are nearly to the end of our entries. I will submit mine now and then we will end with Robin’s image and story.

I love looking for and shooting reflections. Had some difficulty deciding which to enter but I settled on this one taken at the Dallas Arboretum.

Garden Reflections (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Garden Reflections
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

15 thoughts on “November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #11 Garden Reflections

  1. Omigoodness, you’re related to Claude Monet in some way, must be cousins or something. This is so “Water Lilies” like.

    Gotta say, you have me most worried with your “Robin” comments…

    • Thanks Robin!
      No Robin… Claude and I were not cousins. Lovers! We would lay by the side of the pond and gaze at the lilies and the reflections together so of course I had to enter this! Hahahahaha!!!!!

      • I knew there was a connection with Claude somewhere. It’s so lovely. And, I’m glad your relationship was positive. I should have guessed, it’s so obvious.

        I’ll just bet it was you in one (or more) of those “Ms. Monet” paintings, he just substituted the face – a little. I’m thinking this one:

  2. This is outstanding! Love the reflection of the blue sky that made the rest of the colors more prominent.
    This is fantastic Fay-la-la-mo-net!

  3. Fay,
    Very well done!!! Wonderful detailed reflections!! This image is packed with a lot of interesting and great variety! Very nice colors too!!

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