November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #9 Almost Fall

Tess was on her good behaviour for this challenge and only sent me one photo. Now that was a surprise. This was taken the day we went to the Fort Worth Japanese Garden. If you have never been to this little gem of a garden, make plans to go sometime. It is particularly beautiful in the spring and the fall.

So… here is Tess’s photo:

Almost Fall (Photo by Tess)

Almost Fall
(Photo by Tess)


17 thoughts on “November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #9 Almost Fall

  1. Tess, that’s a so very very nice image. I’m bunches impressed, it’s delightful.

    But I’m also so concerned. Only one? Is your shutter button broken? Oh my, is it worse, your shutter finger is broken? No, heavens forbid, you dropped your camera after that one shot – O I just know that’s what it is. O woe be we, the end is near.

    • Thanks Robin…. ah, I just have a carpal tunnel outbrake that day…also, my finger almost had a frost bite, it was cold that day.
      I gues the end is near, but I’m ready. I and my husband are preper! LMAO

    • Thanks Debbie. We missed you there. It was not a bad walk around the place and you can sit while taking pictures of the ducks and carps.

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