November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #6 Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

RebeKah sends us the next entry…

“I had done some shooting in another area of the park (which was not as productive as I was hoping) and was walking back to my vehicle when I came upon this flooded walkway. I’m usually using these walkways to run and have always dreaded coming to these low spots because I do not want to get my shoes wet and am annoyed because some are so precarious to maneuver. But this time I had on boots and little did I know the puddles would be beneficial!”

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter (Photo by rebeKah)

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter
(Photo by rebeKah)


10 thoughts on “November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #6 Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

  1. What a great reflections shot! You are so good at catching reflections in puddles! It has a wintry feel with the bare trees and subdued color and then is jazzed up with the pattern and color on your boots and I love how you are encircled by the trees. Excellent shot rebeKah!

  2. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. A fun thing happened for me today. A few weeks ago I purchased a 64 gb SD card on eBay to have more capacity to record pickleball tournament games. When the card arrived in the mail there was a coupon included with it for a free custom photo book from Snapfish. I decided to create the book last week even though I’d have to pay $9 for shipping/taxes and it came with today’s mail. I used this photo as the cover and included another 21 of my current favorite shots. I like the book very much.

    • That’s great Rebekah. I haven’t done a book. I do calendars each year as gifts, but that’s only 13 images unless you double-up on the months. This year I did holiday cards, haven’t done that before.

      Ain’t this fun 🙂

      • Yes… books are such fun! A great way to save your better photos. They don’t take up much room and with today’s technology, they are so professional looking and I guarantee you will become addicted to making them!

        My favorite book-making site is and I have made eleven books with them thus far and am in the midst of putting together a cookbook. They offer more choices as far as layout design and my preference is the coffee-table book with a paper dustjacket.

        All my books are public (you can also make your books private) and these can be seen on line…

        Why not make that your project for the next year… to make a book!

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