November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #5 Clouded Reflection

Donna sends us her entries. (Tess, you have created a monster!)

Here are my Reflection submissions (that’s right I said submissions)!

The first is “Clouded Reflection” my favorite photo of the day when Robin (Zornes) and I went to the Arboretum to get our shots for this challenge! I thought the second submission “Reflections with Robin” would be the one I would love and submit, however as they say “you never know until you put your shots on the computer!”  I LOVE how I was shooting the reflection of the flower and low and behold I see the reflection of the clouds on further examination!

Clouded Reflection (Photo by Donna)

Clouded Reflection
(Photo by Donna)

Reflections with Robin (Photo by Donna)

Reflections with Robin
(Photo by Donna)


15 thoughts on “November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #5 Clouded Reflection

  1. Donna… I love both of your photos and what you say is so true. Sometimes it is not until you view a photo on the computer that you notice something that was not appreciated at the time of getting the shot. I very much like the soft movement of the water in the second one!

  2. Donna, nothing cloudy about reflecting with good times, friends and places. You’ve clearly captured the beauty of the lily in a spirit of beauty which reflects so nicely.

  3. Wow! Donna, these are beautiful. Thank you for sending two entries (though I am blamed for doing so. LMAO). They are beautiful. Like Lala, I love the softness of the water in the second picture. Love them!

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