November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #2 Glass and Water

From Lorraine…
Last spring, I was at the Rockwall Historical Foundation and was just shooting different things and experimenting. I became curious as to what was inside this old building known as the carriage house. As I looked through the window, I saw some old furniture. But what caught my eye, was that I was able to look through this window and out another window on the other side which provided a view of a pond with the trees around it. I decided to shoot through these windows and really liked what I saw. The reflections that came out really surprised me and I always wanted to go back to retake it to make it better. It was cloudy that day and I wanted to make other improvements in the overall photo.

So when this challenge came up, I knew right away what I wanted to submit. I went back to re-shoot this and try to improve it. The timing was great as the trees were showing fall colors and the sun was out. I also needed to make improvements in my composition which required me to shoot at a different angle. The problem was I needed to be on my tip toes to get it framed just right. I was too unsteady to hold my camera still enough while on my tip toes so I used the tripod to get it framed like I wanted it. I then started shooting away!

It’s a busy photo of layers of reflections, with the fence, trees and then the pond itself providing its own reflections. I felt so fortunate on how things just worked out right with the fall colors and the lighting. It was difficult finding a reasonable crop that minimized the graffiti, which covered that end of the building. It saddens me to see the graffiti on the carriage house. The graffiti reflects badly on those that would deface this historic building. That is one reflection we can do without.

Glass and Water (Photo by Lorraine)

Glass and Water
(Photo by Lorraine)


12 thoughts on “November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #2 Glass and Water

  1. Reflections, reflections and reflections! I think I’m losing touch with reality! Maybe that’s what “love” does to you. Nice how you tied it all together! Good eye and well captured!

  2. Thanks for including the background details which I forgot to include with mine so I need to see about adding them. Like the bright reflection contrasted with the aged wood. Is the fence one color or multiple? Your work is always interesting.

    • rebeKah,
      Thank you!! I appreciate your compliments! Not sure about the fence. I was focusing on so many other things at the time I was trying to get the shot.

  3. Wow! Exquisite! I’m always waiting for your entry because your talent. Your entry is not just good but unparalleled.

    • Tess,
      Thank you so much!!! You are too kind!! When I first took this shot last spring I wasn’t expecting it to come out so well. I have been wanting to re-shoot it to make improvements. This challenge came along at the right time for me to do this with the fall colors making it a more colorful shot. Thanks again…..I really appreciate it!

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