October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #9 Fire in the Sky

I am thrilled to have Linda join us again in the monthly challenge. I recently had lunch with her and our friend Sheila and I’m sure at some point during our lunch she might have been thinking… how did I ever get hooked up with this crazy woman? What can I say Linda? It just sort of happened. I guess I evolved.

So… here is Linda’s story about the torch:

“I attended a reception at the John Bunker Sands Wetlands. After four days of rain, it was a beautiful evening. A walkway over the water put me right between the sunset on my right and the moonrise on my left. Photo ops all around.

Another lady with camera told me to take a look at a shot she had just made. It was of a torchlight against the evening sky. As I walked back toward the building, I turned and made similar shots. By then, most of the orange streaks from the sunset were gone, so the sky became my negative space.”

Fire in the Sky (Photo by Linda)

Fire in the Sky
(Photo by Linda)

I was unfamiliar with the John Bunker Sands Wetlands and I am thinking we might need to check it out sometime. Here is the website:

Thank you Linda for your submission and for alerting us to another area to shoot wildlife and habitat!


8 thoughts on “October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #9 Fire in the Sky

  1. What a beautiful shot this is! Love the reflection of the fire on the black and how you can see through the flames to the wick. Nicely framed against the sky! Well done Linda! And thanks for the tip of another place to go shoot!

    And btw… I love your title!

  2. This is gorgeous Linda. The fire is so realistic that it seem to burn my screen.

    Great capture and thank you for sharing this beautiful image.

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