October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #8 Queen of the Jungle

Tess usually sends me a butt load of shots but she must have been on her good behaviour and sent this beautiful lioness for her Negative Space entry.

Queen of the Jungle (Photo by Tess)

Queen of the Jungle
(Photo by Tess)


45 thoughts on “October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #8 Queen of the Jungle

  1. Tess… this is so good! And I love how the lioness is looking into that negative space. A much more dramatic photo than if she was surrounded by all kinds of stuff in the background!

    • Thanks a lot Lala. When we were at the zoo, the only thing that I was thinking was the negative space challenge. That is why u only submitted one because I already submitted five prior, but that was just to try to confirm whether that was really a negative space. You know I don’t read instructions sometimes… LMAO.

  2. Tess,
    What a beautiful lioness! Fantastic use of negative space!!! Like how she is in the “spot light” showing off her beauty! The details of the face whiskers and hair is very nice! She looks so peaceful and content……however……I plan to stay on the peoples side of this exhibit!!!

  3. Be careful Lorraine! You can’t believe everything everyone says. Remember, the lioness is a wild creature. She eats meat. Don’t do anything foolish even though you are a crazy woman!

      • Lorraine, if this is your destiny, how dare we attempt to alter it. But if you are being persuaded by an evil influence (i.e., a mess), then we must nose ourselves into your business and try to prevent your premature demise.

        If you want to go to the great safari in the sky, please disregard…

  4. A “great safari in the sky?”…. That is out ultimate goal Lorraine, it sounds so exotic and interesting…. Come on Lorraine, don’t be afraid, as I know you are not. Let’s go to the great safari in the sky….. It would be fabulous.

    • Missssssssssssssstressssssssssssssssssttttresssssssssttt, we arrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttttt yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrcOMannnnnnnnnnnddddddd.

      • Thhhhhheeee commmmmmannnd iiiiiissssshhh looooorrrrraaaaiiinnnnneee tttttooooo jjjjjoiiin meeeessss to tooouuuchhhheeeee thhh liiioonnesss! Wheeewwwww my fingeressssssssshhhh areeee tirrrreeed.

      • looooorrrrraaaaiiinnnnneee yyyyyooooouuuuuuu mmmmmmmussssstooouuuchhhheeeee thhh liiioonnesss! theeee goddessss Mess has spoken.

        gooooodnight annnnnd goodbyeeeeeeeeeee.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e……… my frrriieenndd…

  5. Alright you crazy women!!! I didn’t comment last night because I was in the ICU. No….not because I was mauled by a lioness, but because I was working!! Now, about touching the lioness. I will if Tess goes first. That way the lioness won’t be hungry when I go in there!!!

    • Cool! Cool! Cool! Lorraine. I will go first. LMAO.

      Sorry also that I just responded now… I was actually in the ER, not because that I was mauled by the lioness, but because I was trying to figure out a strategy on how to rescue a mauled human being, of course by a lioness. LMAO again.

  6. Hey, I’m trying to squeeze in here but now that I finally made it down to this reply box I’ve forgotten what I came down here to comment on!? Oh, yeah. Your lioness shot is excellent, Mimikakis. I like how you filled the image yet there is plenty of negative space too. Really nice light and shadow combination and the majestic expression on the lioness is endearing. Simply beautiful.

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