October Challenge: Entry #6… Big Tex

RebeKah has submitted this next photo for the challenge and I think we can always count on her to have a bit of a different viewpoint on things. And no, rebeKah, you may not submit this one again for our next challenge!

“Ya gotta agree that for prime time fair day this is definitely negative space because normally (when it’s not raining) it would be jam packed with corny dog eating fair goers! Actually, I wanted a better shot of Big Tex’s watery reflection on the pavement but despite the rain, fair goers die hard and there was still a crowd zig-zagging back and forth over Big Tex’s image with hardly a second of clearance. So, I had to settle for this one.”

Big Tex (Photo by rebeKah)

Big Tex
(Photo by rebeKah)


8 thoughts on “October Challenge: Entry #6… Big Tex

  1. Wow! rebeKah…. You are very clever indeed. Nice reflection. Too bad you can’t submit this again for the next challenge. LOL.

    Who would have thought of using this as a negative space? Nice job!

  2. Agreed, very creative. A nice image. I wish you’d gotten the reflection you were wanting, of course, but this is as nice in its different way.

  3. rebeKah fun shot! I thought the same thing about the reflection challenge Fay! Fun to see others perspectives on negative space!

  4. rebeKah,
    Very neat and creative shot!! Nice reflections!! Great shot!!! Anxious to see your upcoming reflection shots!!!

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