October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #4 Nanny Scarecrow

Our next entry is from Debbie and this is certainly appropriate for the season!

“This is one of three scarecrows in our front yard. Our grandson, Lyndon came over today and said that is Grandpa scarecrow, Nanny scarecrow and Lyndon scarecrow. I hadn’t had an idea for this challenge until then and decided my submission would be Nanny Scarecrow.”

Thanks Lyndon for giving Nanny the great suggestion for the challenge!

Nanny Scarecrow (Photo by Debbie)

Nanny Scarecrow
(Photo by Debbie)


6 thoughts on “October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #4 Nanny Scarecrow

  1. Very good use of the negative space Debbie, and what a good idea from your grand kid. I can see a resemblance with the way you smile and this scarecrow nanny….I mean it in a good way. LOL.

    Good job to you and to Lyndon for the very good idea.

  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your very kind comments. I thought it was very imaginative of Lyndon to name the scarecrows. Lol

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