October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #1 Two for the Price of One!

Negative Space… what is it and why is it important?

This explanation is by Darren Rowse from Digital Photography School…
“Negative space is that space that is around the main subject in an image.
Often as photographers we spend a lot of time thinking about the subjects that we’re photographing – posing portrait subjects, positioning them in the shot, getting them exposed correctly etc. However the space around your main subject is just as important – in fact, it can make or break your image. Negative space can bring a sense of balance to your image, it can strengthen composition, it can help draw the eye to the subject and give it more power and it can add a lot of interest to your shot.”

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In trying to explain this further, I suggested that you think of doing a photo that might have text on top of the photo, as in a title or a verse and make that area of the photo very plain in an effort to draw attention to your subject matter. Let your subject breathe.

Lorraine sent me a couple images and I will post both of them.

The first one is captioned: “Going Up”

“When presented with our challenge for using negative space, one of the first things I thought of was this new building going up at the
construction site at I-30 and Horizon in Rockwall. I had several ideas in mind but kept coming back to this one. I decided to shoot it with the late evening sun cast upon it. I tried both the landscape and portrait orientation and ended up liking the landscape better as it allowed the crane and building to be larger so that the details are more visible. I watched the flag to see how it was behaving in the wind and timed my shot to catch it extended out.”

Going Up (Photo by Lorraine)

Going Up
(Photo by Lorraine)

The second one is captioned: “Opera Star”

“I already had my shot of the crane for this challenge.
Later, while taking photos in Caddo Mills, happened to notice this black star on the side of the Caddo Mills Opera House. Negative space popped into my mind. (No jokes now please!)”

Opera Star (Photo by Lorraine)

Opera Star
(Photo by Lorraine)

Thank you Lorraine for your submissions and I think you did a great job in showing us how negative space can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations!


13 thoughts on “October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #1 Two for the Price of One!

  1. I always look forward to your entry to all the challenges as I know that you will give us explanations and you always have good ones. Again this has everything that you always offer.

    Did not know that you can also put your subject in the middle and have the upper portion as the negative space.

    Good job as always Lorraine.

    • Tess,
      Thank you for your nice comments!!! When I am composing a shot, I look to see if the subject can be thought of as being a person. If so, I leave extra space in front of what I would consider to be their “face.” In this case, I treated it as if the crane was facing left and put more space on the left. I think all of the blue sky is negative space. Thanks again Tess!

  2. That is an excellent use of the negative space concept. And I’m happy someone else sort of thinks of immobile objects as if they could move 🙂

  3. Good Job Lorraine! However, you,are turning into Tess submitting multiple photos!😮
    I LOVE that I recognized the building in our neighborhood!

  4. As Tess mentioned I always look forward to your challenge photos. I think both pictures are excellent photos of negative space. Nice job

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