Amazing Transformation with Photoshop

Robin W. (the other Robin) sent me a couple photos recently that I thought I would share with you before our next challenge is due, and this certainly is appropriate for manipulating your photos. This was done in photoshop and the difference is quite dramatic.

Robin went to see Prairie Home Companions earlier this year and arrived in the afternoon to find the truck in the parking lot of the venue. She has a knack for shooting all kinds of things and came home with this photo of the truck. Pretty lackluster and I might have overlooked it entirely but she had a plan.

The Truck (Original Photo by Robin W.)

The Truck
(Original Photo by Robin W.)

So she sat down with photoshop and started working on her image and this was her completed image.
The Truck (Photoshopped Image by Robin W.)

The Truck
(Photoshopped Image by Robin W.)

She admits she did some extensive work on the photo and it ended up looking like a truck in a museum as opposed to a truck in a parking lot in the afternoon.

The moral of the story…
if you need anything photoshopped, just send it to Robin!


5 thoughts on “Amazing Transformation with Photoshop

  1. Robin,

    I am at awe of your talent. You can be a photoshop guru. This work is just fantastic. Every detail is masterly fixed.

    You rock!

  2. Thank you. It took hours and was tedious, but I really wanted it. I’m going to attempt to get a better image next month, we’ll see.

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