Once in a Blue Moon

Tess did not get out to shoot the “super moon” but did get out to shoot a “blue moon”. Nooooo… that does not mean that the moon is blue but rather refers to when a calendar month contains two full Moons, the second one is called a “Blue Moon”.

But the biggest surprise came when she put it on the computer to find that she had captured a plane crossing paths with the moon! Now I know she likes to play around with photoshop but she swears this is the real deal… as in “once in a blue moon”!

Thanks Tess for sending this my way to share with all the other crazies who like to howl at the moon!

(Be sure to click on the photo to increase the size for better viewing! It will then be in “plane” sight!)

Once in a Blue Moon (Photo by Tess)

Once in a Blue Moon
(Photo by Tess)


5 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon

  1. It’s a good moon shot, but made additionally special by the added and unexpected addition. Congratulations on your catch.

  2. Great shot and love the addition too. I tried and tried that night but all I took was a white circle. Still haven’t figured out to set my camera for the moon. You always do great!!

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