August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #8 My Kids

I just can’t help myself. Several people have sent me more than one entry for this challenge and they are just so darn cute that I have to publish them!

This next one is by Tess, again. She could not decide between the dead grasshoppers and this one of her doggies.

“I actually painted the black and the white spotted doggies with my mascara (cause it’s expensive to buy black paint just to paint a small dog) and I painted the spotted one with wipe-out and mascara to kind of look like Mika when she was little. LMAO.”

My Kids (Photo by Tess)

My Kids
(Photo by Tess)


13 thoughts on “August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #8 My Kids

  1. At first glance I thought it looked delicious but quickly realized it was good in a different way! LOL I am impressed with your mascara paint, smart work and I’m wondering what all your kid’s are named? Glad you submitted 2 and why not? It would be great to have submissions from more of the members. Puppy love here.

    • Thanks rebeKah. The bland in the left is Hunter, he is 110lbs which is a broad headed Labrador. The spotted one in the right is Mika a Catahoula Leopard Dog, our only girl and the biggest one, weighs 118 lbs. The black one is Mavros, Greek for black, a black Labrador/pit bull mix that weighs 113 lbs. We rescued them all from the dirt road near our house and we are so blessed to have them.

  2. Great job Tess. I know you love your kids. We have talked many times about them. I love the idea. Wish I would have thought of that. Great job. Sienna know what treat, snack and riding is. Our kids are so smart. Lol

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