August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputions… Entry #2 Hey, get away from my bone!

This next entry is from rebeKah and she initially did “a Tess” (sorry, Tess. You have a reputation!) and sent me several images but then thought she might back out of entering anything. I encouraged her to enter as it makes no difference if there are little people or little animals in the final image and she agreed to go ahead and submit this image, and here is her story…

“Having remembered something about small figures or figurines for the latest challenge I decided to try something with a collection of miniature dogs that I happened to come across. Already at the late hours after having been given a final reminder that the deadline was imminent, I set out to create my idea. When it did not develop as planned due to improper lighting, settings, use of time, and having to hastily work with a new pup (Junebug) in training whose youthful energy was tricky to harness and not using the assigned little people
action figures, there was no time left to make the needed adjustments so I present my attempt.

I decided to acquire a large bone to use so I headed to the pet store and while there noticed a new energetic pup being trained. While Junebug and her companion were waiting for the trainer I asked if they would be willing to be a part of my photo project and they agreed.”

Hey... get away from my bone! (Photo by rebeKah)

Hey… get away from my bone!
(Photo by rebeKah)


6 thoughts on “August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputions… Entry #2 Hey, get away from my bone!

  1. Wow!!! Now that’s wonderful. I complained about working with micro-people. You dove in and worked with a live animal. In theatre we used to say, “Never work on stage with children or live animals.”

  2. Junebug was in constant motion. She was not interested in the bone at all but she pawed over the little doggies. They did not stay standing for long. I think it’s funny she was captured with a look of interest in the black and white dog with a ladybug on it’s ear. She actually preferred the brown spotted dog on the far left and had it in her mouth (probably because it was a bit fuzzy, not all glass/porcelain like the others). I so wished I’d have taken this to the next level and appreciate the generous response. Thank y’all. P.S. Junebug was fun.

  3. This is too much fun. I love the innocent face of Junebug. The little doggies ate adorable. I especially like the spotted one at the left cornet. Poor Junebug…. She might be confused if who are these little doggies.
    Love it rebeKah.

  4. rebeKah,
    What a cute concept using a real dog with the little doggies! I really love the expression on Junebugs face as he is eyeing that little dog on the right. Just adorable!!!

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