Who doesn’t like freebies?

Just got an e-mail from Donna and she sent her freebie my way and it is great and I wanted to share it with all of you!

For those of you following the blog who are not members, I e-mail outings and pertinent things of interest to the crazy women and whenever there is something that they can get for free or at a very good price, I e-mail that as well.

Walgreens often has special photo offers. It is convenient because it seems there is a store in every major municipality. They frequently offer a free 8×10 photo collage and I always take advantage of the offer and like to do them to mat and give as gifts or to feature a particular subject matter… like butterflies. And I’m sure that by offering this, Walgreens gets new customers.

Donna decided to do one with her self portrait without her in it, and she also included a couple photos that her husband had taken of her setting up her still life. I can see this is getting to be a bit of a family affair! I loved the choice of border color and the title is perfect!

Still Life Self Portrait (Collage by Donna)

Still Life Self Portrait
(Collage by Donna)


3 thoughts on “Who doesn’t like freebies?

  1. This is so beautiful Donna. I love it a lot. And yes the bright border makes the image pop out beautifully. You are such a talented woman.

    I was not able to get the free this time as I was working and too tired to get to the computer.

    Great job as always Donna and thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Tess, I hate when I miss a freebie!! I have actually done a few! Raptors, butterflies so much fun! I look so forward to going to pick it up!

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