July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #9 Fay/Lala

This will be the next to the last entry for this challenge and I present you with my own portrait.

I found this challenge to be just that… a challenge in so many ways. I made a list of the things that make me who I am. Uh oh… way too many choices so I pare the list down to the quirky things that make me who I am. Still a bit too many but decided I would cram them all in. This was not necessarily the wisest choice but then again, perhaps that too says something about who I am.

I shot my portrait three times and still was not satisfied but said… it will do. Hmmmm… bad attitude. Need to hang around Lorraine more! Wish I had used her lighting set up!

I started with a piece of black foam core for my background. The background color has significance. You see, my dog and I dress in the color black much of the time. Actually my little pug Mollie Sue always wears black and sometimes I will wear an accent color.

The computer key board says so much about where I spend my time in retirement connecting with friends as well as with my photography. The book about the CWPC is in honor of all you crazy women who have kept me laughing in my retirement… a new beginning to my life.

My day begins with toast in one form or another and I do love ginger jam on my toast. And what is life without cheese… especially “stinky” cheese! And then there are the lime-a-ritas… noooooo… not for breakfast!!! The plate and decorative knife represent my vast collection of table top accessories that I am now using in my quest to improve my food photography and styling.

And what was I thinking putting black on black? Much too difficult to shoot but the gorilla mask represents my love for doing surprise “Gorilla-Grams” for birthdays.

The stethoscope represents my 45 years as a critical care nurse and those years definitely made me who I am today in so many ways.

The obituary column and scissors is all about my collection of obituaries that I have gathered over the years. I have 18 books and more to be logged in. Some will bring you to tears, some are funny, and most will teach you about life and what is truly important in life… like cherishing the here and now. And isn’t that what we do as photographers. Living in the moment!
See… it’s all making sense!

And then there is “the hand”. That’s Lucy’s hand! How could I ever do my portrait without including Lucy? For those who do not know, she is my mannequin who I have been taking out to meet and greet people in the Dallas metroplex. She is such a fun companion. Too bad she broke her wrist feeding the ducks and geese at White Rock Lake!

And on her wrist are my two favorite silver bracelets that I wear every day of my life… grapes on one and barbed wire for the other.
The rat in the trap represents my collection of rubber rats. Don’t even ask!
I have no idea why… it just happened. See… I told you I was crazy!

My license plate is at the bottom of the photo. “Lala”… that’s what my grandchildren call me as well as some of you and some of the doctors at the hospital… thanks a lot Tess! Everyone sees me coming down the road in the “lalamobile” sporting a bunch of my favorite bumperstickers. Simply my way of speaking out after 45 years of not doing so in honor and respect to my patients and their families. It was the right thing to do professionally. But please know, I am non-confrontational and believe we all have a vote and we all have the right to believe as we choose… and all I ask is the same respect in return for my respect of you.

Top right corner are Barnum and Mollie Sue, the pugs. What a funny pair they are. Barnum is blind and deaf in his old age. Mollie Sue is my best friend.

And would you believe in the first shot of my portrait, I forgot to include a camera? Pretty dumb of me! So that is my first digital camera, the Canon Rebel which changed my relationship to photography and made it a focal point in my life when I could share photos around the world, get feedback about my photography and meet new friends all at the same time. Powerful!

And next to my camera is a little ringed rock that I carry with me each time I go out to shoot. It was given to me years ago by a photographer friend who said it would bring good luck. Someday, I would like to pass this on to a favorite photographer.

Portrait of Fay/Lala (Photo by Fay)

Portrait of Fay/Lala
(Photo by Fay)


13 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #9 Fay/Lala

  1. Ohhhhhh Lala, this is stunning. The black on black turned out to be so beautiful. You don’t have to borrow Lorraine’s lighting set up for this is perfect. You can hang up with her though to be such a street smart. LOL.

    I could have not put a favorite breakfast food in my portrait as my favorite thing to do in the morning is sleep. LMAO.

    Have not seen your ringed stone. Do you mean you always carry it with you whenever you go to a photo shoot? That is interesting.

    Love Lucy’s hand, although I feel sorry for her without a hand for a short period of time. LOL.

    This is such a brilliant image, but what can I say?…. If Lorraine is the certified crazy, you are the master crazy. LOL.

    Great job Lala.

    • OK… so you are making me laugh once again!
      And yes, I take my ringed rock whenever I shoot. In my backpack or in my bag and sometimes in my pocket! Totally silly. Have done it for years. So glad my craziness met your expectations! LOL!

  2. Oh Lala, this is GREAT! I love the things you included I would have thought it would be more frilly based on the things in your house!! It’s crazier than I expected! (Not sure what I expected!) I would not have done black on black, it looks much better on the computer than my iPhone! And I think we would all kill for Lorraine’s set up! Ok so now I need to see the rock and Rat Collection! 🙂

  3. Your self portrait is as excellent as I expected it would be. So fun, and fact-filled. I like the light, it works very well for your image.

    • Thanks Robin. I should have shot it again but the thoughts of moving all of that around the house to try to find better light and then to keep the dogs out of the cheese and toast was too much of a challenge. This was taken on the floor in the bathroom and I was able to shut the door to keep the dogs out.

  4. Fay,
    What a nicely done still life!!! I really like how you arranged everything! The “Lala tag” really draws you into the image with all the tasteful, (pun intended), surrounding items! Lucy’s hand placed nicely by your plate go together nicely! As for the bracelets….better keep an eye on Lucy as she may want to keep them for herself! Looks like Mollie Sue and Barnum ( in his own way), are keeping a good watch over things! Even though you used some black on black the lighting still portrayed them nicely! I will never forget that gorilla mask!!! Your image is so sharp!!! Thank you Fay for sharing with us your “quirky” side!!!

  5. Lala, I cant believe you cut off Lucy’s hand for the picture!
    I love all the items you included in your self portrait. They definitely describe you well. I see you’re still collecting obituaries…sych a strNge hobby. Along with the rat collection you’re definitely a crazy woman!

    • Oh Merrie… you make poor Lala feel so guilty. I would never cut off Lucy’s hand. When she broke her wrist, I nearly took her to the Emergency Room for x-rays but my health care does not cover that so a little tape seemed to do the trick in the interim but in spite of that, it did not heal properly. What is a crazy woman to do?

  6. Fay,

    I enjoyed your description about your photo. It really intrigued me before I looked at the photo. I love everything about you in the photo except rats. I could never collect them – rubber or not. Eww. I have learned more about you too. I didn’t know you collected obituaries and I didn’t know about the ringed rock. Need to see that next time we get together. Of course I knew your precious puppies would be there. Great job

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