July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #8 Debbie

Thank you Debbie for your submission to the portrait challenge!

“I have been working on this challenge for awhile. It didn’t appear as I had hoped. It is a little blurry but this was the best out of several shots. When I first told my husband, Gary about this challenge I mentioned that I needed a photo looking down. He looked at me and said “does this involve climbing”? So to say the least, he stood beside me while I was standing on a chair taking this photo. As some of you know, I’m not the most gracefully person in the world.

My photo is a portrait of me with a Texas Rangers cap because I love baseball and the Rangers and try to watch every game on TV during the season and also attend as many as I can. The x-ray marker is for my husband, Gary. He is an x-ray tech and without him in my life I couldn’t do some of the things I love. He is very supportive of me. Next is my Iphone with a picture of three out of five grandsons. I would be totally lost without my Iphone and my grandsons are my whole world. The wine glass is because I love a good glass of wine in the evening after a busy day at work. The coffee cup is because I love red and always need a cup of coffee in the morning and finally but not least is a picture of my 4 year old dachshund, Sienna. She is the sweetest dog and gives me unconditional love.”

Portrait of Debbie (Photo by Debbie)

Portrait of Debbie
(Photo by Debbie)

9 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #8 Debbie

  1. So now we know more about you and you did a good job in choosing your props to portray your portrait. You used a nice plain background and everything stands out and is not cluttered. Good job Debbie!

    So I am sure this must have been done immediately on arriving home from work as the wine glass has not yet been filled and wise to shoot it from the chair before drinking the wine! Thanks Gary for keeping an eye on this crazy woman!

  2. Debbie,

    You described yourself so well in this photo. The fact that you used your hard wood floor as your background also tells us the kind of color and floor you like.

    Thank you to Gary for staying beside you while taking this picture and the empty glass of wine is a good idea, you might be tempted to drink the wine before achieving the picture that you like. Knowing your history, we don’t want another trip to ER. LMAO.

    Good job Debbie.

  3. Good Job Debbie, mine was a bit blurry too, I wish I would have spent more time shooting it! I love the subjects! Tess is right great description!

  4. Debbie,
    You accomplished an important aspect of this challenge! You shared some of the important things to you as well as some of your interests! I never knew you were such a Rangers fan! How cool!! You have displayed a great self portrait with a nice and uncluttered still life photo! I think you just made an home run!!!

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