July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #7 Lorraine

As you all know by now… I look forward to the adventures of crazy woman Lorraine as she captures her challenge images and she too was thinking out of the box on this one.

Her initial e-mail said:
“I knew this was going to be a difficult challenge for me as I have a very hard time creating still life photos. Trying to figure out what to do and how to do it was often on my mind. I came up with some pretty crazy ideas and realized each time that it probably wouldn’t work. When I was thinking about what was important to me I struggled to find a way to show this. I decided the only way I could do this seemed to be with just using words. I included a couple of items, but for the most part I found it difficult to use items to represent the things that are most important to me.”

So here is the latest:
“O.K…..here is what the crazy woman did to get her photo. (Ha Ha)

I set up a card table in the living room. I then borrowed a backdrop stand from Mike. I placed it behind the table. I took a black fleece throw and hung it from the backdrop stand and let it fall onto and cover the card table. I placed my scrabble board on this black throw. I had Mike help me set up one of his light stands and attach a bright utility light to it. I had this light fairly high and aimed it down at my board. I used my tripod and set it so my camera was aimed down onto the board. I played around with the light, adjusting it to different angles and heights so the light would be brightest in the spot I wanted it to be. I turned off all the other lights in the room. I played around with the framing and different angles of light. I used a remote shutter release to take the photos. I used aperture priority and adjusted my f-stops and played around with my exposure compensation. I took quite a few photos and then put them on the computer and realized I had framing issues and my shots were a little underexposed.
Back up on the step ladder I went. I had better luck the second time around.

When I uploaded the photos to the computer, I noticed a little of the black fleece showing through in a spot towards the front. I increased the contrast just a little to fix this. I cropped it to an 8×10 and purposely framed it so that the board was more in the lower left hand corner.”

Click on the photo to better read Lorraine’s portrait!

A Self Portrait with Words (Photo by Lorraine)

A Self Portrait with Words
(Photo by Lorraine)

“I was at work last night and Mike sent me a text message that said that he had just edited a photo of me taking my self portrait. I quickly texted back….What? When did you do that??? His reply was, he did it while I was “focused” on my self portrait. This helps to show what I did to get this photo.”
The Elusive Photographer (Photo by Mike)

The Elusive Photographer
(Photo by Mike)

With a special thanks to Mike, Lorraine’s husband, for getting this shot of the crazy woman in action!


24 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #7 Lorraine

  1. Lorraine,

    I am more than impressed. I would have never thought of that. Which reminds me I haven’t played scrabble in years. I need to get a game and play. Very creative and thanks to Mike for showing us how you did that. Great job

    • Debbie,
      Thank you!! I really appreciate your comments. I have not played scrabble for quite a while either. I enjoyed playing around with trying to put together “my words.”

  2. Stunning, magazine quality photography. And, your image is to die for. You’ve inspired me to try more still life,

  3. Robin,
    Thank you for your compliments! Your are too kind. I typically do not take still life’s as I find it too difficult to set them up, but was forced to this time…..apparently for next’s month”s challenge as well……but maybe it will grow on me as I enjoyed it after I was done.

  4. Lorraine… I loved your concept with this photo and the execution is flawless!!! Your black background is superb and the lighting is excellent. I like that you included the EKG strip and calipers as well as the peace sign, and the words complete your portrait. This is so very well done!

    • Fay,
      Thank you so much!!!! After I had submitted this photo, I had an afterthought of how I would of liked to have placed my husbands ring on the board by the word hubby. As always, it was a good learning experience for me. I also learned how in scrabble they only give you a total of 2 pieces of the same letter for quite a few of the letters!!! (Ha Ha)

  5. This is absolutely brilliant. Well thought our, well executed! I wish I would have thought of this…just awesome!!

    • Robin,
      Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate your nice comments. It definitely was a challenge in many ways!

  6. Lorraine,

    You are so creative. Everything is done to perfection. I would have not thought of using the scrabble board to describe myself.

    Thank you for sharing your talent.

    Even though we are just on the seveth month for this year’s challenge, this submission deserves another “Challenge of the Year Award” for me.

    Thank you also to Mike for the picture.

    Great job as always.

    • Tess,
      Thank you so much!!! As always I truly appreciate all your compliments, encouragement and support!! I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to surprise us with on this challenge!!! Thanks again!

  7. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the photo of Lorraine shooting her self portrait. I certainly like to capture her in action….especially when she has an interesting setup. I wonder what she has planned for the next challenge?

  8. Lorraine, I said I couldn’t wait to see your self-portrait and once again you’ve blown me away! Your concept is so creative and your persistence in getting it just right is amazing! The angle you chose and the backdrop color make the photo very pleasing to the eye. The words you chose with your scrabble pieces describe you to a tee. Great job Lorraine! And also thanks to Mike for getting a shot of you taking your shot.

    • Merrie,
      Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your kindness. The words I used are things that I really admire in other people as well as strive for myself!

  9. Lorraine like the others, I think this is brilliant, flawless, and very creative!! I really enjoyed it and the story that goes with it (thanks Mike)! You are really growing as a photographer, so fun to watch!!! Keep it coming!!

    • Donna,
      Thank you so much for the compliments! I appreciate all your encouragement and support!!! Looking forward to seeing you again on another “crazy” outing sometime!

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