We interrupt this challenge for a birthday greeting…

OK… so this is embarrassing!

Tessie sent me an e-mail and a silly photo yesterday and pleaded with me to post it today. I thought it to be quite foolish to do so as I do not get any delight out of turning older. After all, I’m the oldest one here but then again the other option is not very appealing either. And then I figured if I did not post it, Tess might try to get even with me and send a glut of huge images to my e-mail thus clogging the works for good!

So it is with humble thanks to Tessie that I post this today.
Perhaps I can start counting backwards rather than forwards!

It’s been a fun year with all you crazies and all I ask is that you keep me laughing! Oh… and don’t forget the Blue Bell ice cream!

Happy Birthday Lala (Photo by Tess)

Happy Birthday Lala
(Photo by Tess)


21 thoughts on “We interrupt this challenge for a birthday greeting…

  1. That’s what I’m talking about…….LOL. Happy birthday Lala.

    The first time I have seen this design at Fotofunia, I remembered your art show at the Dallas Museum of Arts two years ago and I thought this really fits the picture. This one though is from the CWPC Museum of Arts. LOL. This is in honor of you organizing this fun club and thank you for everything.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    • Hmmmm… I think maybe Tessie has been drinking the kool aid! That was the Mesquite Arts Center, Tessie, not the Dallas Museum of Art. Now I’m LMAO!

      Thank you for the kind wishes and for all the good times we have had shooting together!!!

  2. Fay,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you are having a good time on your special day!! Also, a BIG thanks for all you do!!!

  3. HaPpY BirThDaY FAY!!
    Hope it was a great day!
    Thanks for all you do for CWPC!
    LoVe being part of your CrAzY Club!!

  4. This is GREAT! I was so hoping someone would do this….now if only Linda had written a poem to go with it……ss——————————————–

  5. I like both photos very much! Sorry my timing is way off but I do want to wish you “Happy Birthday” and a blessed new year. We’ll have to have a big B’day party some time to celebrate everyone and have good cause to dig into Blue Bell containers.

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