July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #5 rebeKah

So… just last night I got this submission from rebeKah but I will let her tell you about it in her own words…

“I’m so embarrassed and sorry this is late and incomplete but wanting to participate and liking this assignment I’m sending my idea/intentions as is because time has passed and at this point, “is no more” and deadlines should be honored and consequences reaped. I won’t even be able to see what’s posted for another week.

As a Christian I wanted to proclaim Christ and Him crucified because without Him we are nothing and because of His death, burial and resurrection we have everything. On that foundation one of my favorite all time activities is singing and reflecting on the hymns of the faith.

Currently I have pickleball and photography hobbies that have been a source of inspiration/blessing immensely this past year. I’m so grateful to Fay for her leadership and guidance in this creative outlet of CWPC. And I’m thankful for all the members who contribute to making CWPC possible and that is why I want to do my part even in this limited capacity right now.
Another photography group I enjoy participating with is http://www.CaptureDallas.com and recommend it for any photographer.

Of course, a major part of my life, and probably for all the members, is the computer but I do not have the time to adequately expound on that part of my world but I’m certain most of you will understand the inclusion.

I confess my head is spinning on just what/how exactly to detail my portrait. In 2 hours I’m on the road for a week and I’m unable to concentrate and put forth an organized, cohesive script and I’m resigning to that fact and submitting as is my partial portrait in hopes of getting back on track soon.”

Portrait of rebeKah (Photo by rebeKah)

Portrait of rebeKah
(Photo by rebeKah)

8 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #5 rebeKah

  1. Rebehah, even though you didnt have time to fit everything in you got the essentials, enough to get an insight into who you are. Good job!

  2. I agree with Merrie, you pretty much tell who you are. Don’t be embarrassed, I myself did not follow the instructions, right Lala? LMAO.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Good job rebekah! This does tell us a lot about you and what is important in your life.
      And yes… Tess did not follow the “destructions” but I always knew she was a bit of a renegade and her portrait just proves it! I also remember how she used to just add LOL as a comment but now she writes LMAO! Just another crazy woman!

  3. Agree that’s quite sufficient. I’m sort of glad you did run out of time. I’m also liking the ones which are more simple, and wishing I’d not gone so – well – crazy.

  4. Some time the simple things in life are the best. Nice picture. Would love to meet you since I know a little more about you

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