July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #4 Donna

My Still Life Self Portrait 2013

1. The self portrait takes place on the deck in our backyard, our sanctuary!
2. The beach towel because I love the sun, swimming pools and the beach!
3. I love the Texas weather and my motto is “Tank Tops & Flip Flops!”
4. A COACH purse which completes any ensemble.
5. The Iphone should speak for itself!
6. My love of jewelry and Jesus in one.
7. A stethoscope to represent one of the best life decisions, to become a nurse!
8. A travel guide to help me travel around this beautiful world!
9. A nursing book – a found journey through teaching and school.
10. Fresh flowers and gardening them!
11. Sisterchick Book and Glasses- a special group of friends and love for
12. An old photograph book, a fondness for old things and scrapbooking.
13. A camera lens to see new things, make new friends and memories.
14. A music CD, a long term love affair with rock n’ roll!
15. A good cup of coffee!
16. The unconditional LOVE of family!

Portrait of Donna (Photo by Donna)

Portrait of Donna
(Photo by Donna)


25 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Portrait of You… Entry #4 Donna

    • YES Bon Jovi it was a hard choice I have quite a collection of CD’s, I figured can’t go wrong with John Bon Jovi!! and thank you!

  1. Very nicely done Donna. Base on the variety of bright colors from the picture, first I can tell that you are not afraid of colors and it speaks about your bubbly personality and a very friendly one. Love your shovel.

    Great job Donna.

  2. Donna,
    What a great self portrait! I really love how you used your wood deck as a background! The list of items with a description of why they are important to you really completes this wonderful portrait! You did a very good job of arranging all the different items! Superb!!!!

    • Thanks Lorraine! I had as much fun writing this time as taking the shot! I only had time to shoot once, I would like to have tried again to get some of the items placed a little better! But…I’ll take it!

  3. Thanks Fay I appreciate your comment and picking such an interesting challenge!
    I may do this again!! It would also be fun to challenge family members to pick items and shoot a self portrait for them!!

      • Donna: Are they cute? (So now y’all also know I’m a lecherous old lady – um, woman.)

        Fay: Forget the dogs, I’m a cat-woman – er, lady?

        About Lucy – well, maybe, for a photo shoot, but I like to ride alone. Can she stay still and not lean away from the turns? Will her hair stay on? At 30? At 60? At 100? That could be an issue. Not for me – I know follically challenged people, some of my best friends are… I’m concerned for her. I know how it is to be embarrassed like that, if she’s sensitive that way. I have my secrets too, ya know (no tattoos, but…). Oh, and what about the guy behind us… clogged up windshield wipers and all… And, there’s that problem that she’s way cuter than I am. What are we going to do about that?

        Y’all just think about it…

    • I try to be vigilant and go in and correct misspellings when I see them. Unfortunately Word Press does not give you guys the option to do so… Grrrrr!

      Now about driving Ms. Lucy… stay still? Most definitely! Lean… yes but she may lean too far and then… OOPS! OH NO!

      The hair is always an issue but with a helmet… she would be cool!

      30… maybe , 60… never, 100… YIKES!!!!!

  4. Donna,

    Wow. Your such an inspiration. Love the colors and I didn’t know all that about you but it fits perfectly. Thanks for a great portrait of you

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