Happy Birthday Vickie… Entry #1: A Portrait of You!

Before I start to post photos of the July challenge, please wish Vickie a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Vickie!

Happy Birthday Vickie!

And now let me feature Vickie’s “portrait”!

This is her story:
“The first item that I picked out to include was a picture of my family, as they are the most important people in my life and they are who have shaped who I am today.

I decided on 3 coffee mugs, not only to show that I love coffee but the mugs symbolize three different things…the black one with the saying that “we do not remember days….we remember moments..” is a favorite saying of mine, going back many years. The Mensa mug symbolizes the fact that I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman….I initially qualified for Mensa in the 8th grade and then re-qualified when I took my LSAT Test. The 3rd mug has my first attorney business card on it and was a present from one of my first legal assistants with the address of my first real office!!

I included my passport to indicate my love for travel and my stethoscope to symbolize the fact that I have been a RN since 1977.

The serenity prayer plaque was added after the first session I shot when I realized that something to symbolize my faith was missing and it is my very favorite prayer and I say it every day and on many days…many times!

Had to include my first real camera and a flower of course!!

The other plaque is my favorite Dr. Seuss quote and the older I get, the more meaningful to me it is.

My ipad is included to symbolize that I love technology and it has been my favorite piece of technology for over two years. It also has my rescue dog, Gwen as my screen saver and I like the fact that you can see her and my shadow of taking the picture on the screen.

The last item is a pretty glass perfume bottle to symbolize that I like nice things, what you may have trouble seeing, is that I put my wedding ring on the top of the bottle to symbolize the most important person in my life….my husband.

As I mentioned, this was my second shoot for this challenge…the first was too cluttered and included too much height. I need to pair down and then examine my pictures and then I decided to replace a couple of items.

I shot this outside, on my back patio in the morning sun and since I am leaving for Belize…there will not be a third re-shoot!!”

Portrait of Vickie (Photo by Vickie)

Portrait of Vickie
(Photo by Vickie)

Have a good vacation Vickie, and Happy Birthday!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Vickie… Entry #1: A Portrait of You!

  1. Vickie,
    I hope you have a very wonderful birthday!!! Your self portrait reflects all the great things you have accomplished!!! I like how you used a lot of variety. Have a great time in Belize!!!

  2. Happy birthday Vickie. May you have a great day.

    This is a great picture that tells who you are. Thank you for explaining everything in it and thanks for sharing. I have never thought of adding the passport though I love to travel too. Such a neat idea.

    Again happy birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy Belize!!
    Love the picture and my Ipad too!!!
    I too like the idea of the passport great idea!
    Picture in a picture, great minds!! 😉

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