Happy Birthday Lorraine!

Please join me in wishing Lorraine a very Happy Birthday!

Lorraine had no idea what she was getting into when she joined the crazy women just about a year ago. She was always a nice, quiet gal. Sort of kept to herself, didn’t socialize much, worked hard… and then suddenly we are seeing the other side of Lorraine. You know… the one that hangs upside down on her hoop (seriously, this is crazy!) and saws down bushes so she can shoot an apple on a post and climbs steep embankments to see if she can get a better view for her photo, and then leaves her hoodman at the top of the hill and must go back and retrieve it. Go figure. Fortunately her husband Mike (who is an accomplished photographer himself) keeps her in line and has been a superb instructor as she has ventured out to get her shots.

Have a great day Lorraine and keep those stories coming. You are most definitely a certified CrAzY Woman!
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19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lorraine!

    • Kristen P.
      Thank you so much! I really miss our little chats at work! Maybe we can see each other on an CWPC outing sometime! It would be so much fun to have you join us!!!

  1. Happy birthday Lorraine. Hope you have a great one and more craziness to come. I miss you and our little chats everyday at work. I want to see more upside down pictures of you. Probably upside down, hands off the hoop and only the feet that is holding you down. LOL. Don’t forget to put a net below and harness yourself though in case you fell. Ha ha.

    • Tess,
      Thank you so much! You are beyond crazy! I can hang upside down from my hoop without holding on with my hands. However, I am hanging by just my knees…. not my feet. Will this do??? Maybe one of these days! Because of you….I have other adventures I am pursuing!!! Taking photos has taken some time away from my upside activities! So…. it’s all your fault I haven’t progressed to hanging by just my feet!!! (HaHa) Thanks again!!

      • LMAO. I’m impressed with you being able to suspend using your knee only. Are you 21 years old now? Ha ha.
        Well, you can always incorporate photography and hooping (ha ha) together. Why not do self portrait photography while you hang upside down? You are already certified crazy why not keep up the tittle? LOL.

      • Tess,
        Don’t even tempt this crazy woman!! I don’t think my husband would allow me to buy another camera if I fell and destroyed it! That’s if I lived!! (HaHa)

      • Ha ha ha! Now I’m giving you an idea, I’m pretty sure you will not thinking about it. BTW happy birthday too to your camera. LOL.

  2. Lorraine…sorry this is late…this week has been a killer one for me! Wishes for your birthday…happiness…health…friends…family…and many more years!!

    • Vickie,
      Thank you so much! I hope this week is going much better for you. Maybe one of these days we will actually be able to go on the same CWPC outing!

    • Merrie,
      Thank you!!! I am actually getting something better than cake….. I am getting a nice new tub/shower! It’s almost finished!!

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