Playing With Your Photos: Make a Collage

Back in January I gave you a year long photo challenge… to choose a subject and to shoot the same subject at different times of day, weather conditions, angles, and composition. I requested that it be close to home so you could shoot it frequently and you submitted your subject of choice at that time.

Six months have passed and if you have been doing your assignment, you should have an interesting assortment of photos as we have gone from winter to the heat of summer. The purpose of this exercise is to get you shooting on a regular basis and realizing that there are many things that will change how your photo will look. You can go back to the same subject yet come back with very different looking photos. Never think… I have shot that before… no need to shoot it again. Your first photo is not always your best.

I also told you that at the end of the year we will be putting some of those photos in a collage. Now I know that not everyone works in photoshop and I barely do. I can do a few things but I find it a great challenge. The fun thing is… you do not have to buy expensive software or be a techy geek to have fun with your photos. Today, being a rainy day (an unusual occurence in July in Texas), I decided to search for a free collage site that you might play with. I am sure there are a zillion out there but I stumbled upon this one. It is free (and you know I like free) and you can play with their sample photos to get a feel for how it all comes together. After doing this, I finally figured out how to put the text wherever you want it and how to enlarge the size of the text by using the rotation thingy. Guess I’m a slow learner.

So if you have some time, play around with their sample photos:
When the site comes up, click on “Template Collage” to bring up their samples. Nothing to download.
You can change the template, the text, the background color, the width of the border, or you can make a transparent border. It is addictive to play with and then you might try adding your own photos of your chosen subject, and then save your creation… for free!

I did not use that program but played with a few of my photos in photoshop and did a simple collage of “My Tree at the Lake”.
To see the results go to:

My Tree at the LakeI have probably taken about 200 photos of my tree thus far and in this collage I have pictured it in sun, with clouds, in fog, in snow and at sunset. If you decide to play with a collage and are pleased with the results… send your photo my way so we can share our mid-year challenge.
And if you know of another source for making a collage, please feel free to share it in your comment.

This club is not only about shooting the image but also what you can do with those images to have fun and share with your friends and family. And for those of you new to the club, you may also start your challenge now as I am sure that there is ample time to get some interesting changes as fall and winter approach.


4 thoughts on “Playing With Your Photos: Make a Collage

  1. Great collage Fay, I love the sunset shot! I need to shoot soon as my pond is almost dry! Maybe this rain will fill it back up!!

    • Oh yeah… shoot it full, shoot it dry… whatever. It all changes! Last night I was playing with that link and it does a bunch of different things if you scroll to the bottom of the page. You can add text to photos and everything and I was able to save them easily from the site.

  2. Lala,
    Thank you so much for this link, this is really helpful. I love your tree and for some reason I laugh looking at your tree sometimes when I remembered that you took a picture of the wrong tree one foggy day. LOL.

    I need to take more pictures of my tree. I’m getting lazy lately.

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