June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #8 Sunrise at the Lake

This will be our last sunrise shot and quite frankly, I had thought I would have only one to post besides mine as the challenge seemed too great but then with a bit of prodding, you crazy women came through! I knew I could count on you, and thanks to those of you who drug your butts out of bed to get the shot!
You are to be commended!

Being the procrastinator that I am, I was right up to the deadline to get my shot and unfortunately there was more cloud cover than sun… but what is a crazy woman to do? You make the best of the situation and call it a day… an early day at that! So, I will post my original image which is really a bit drab.

I did use this shot of the “sunrise” in the previous post to add my super moon using photo shop. Isn’t photography fun!

Actually I had taken some others that did not include this much of the sky and they were really bad. At least those clouds hold some interest and then I played around with white balance and rather than show them all here, I will direct you to my photography blog to see the different effects that can be had by simply changing your white balance. Now I did this in Lightroom but it can also be done in camera. Just go into your menu and look for white balance and you will have a variety of choices. Try shooting a photo of one of each but just don’t forget to reset your camera to AWB (auto white balance) or else your subsequent photos may have a weird coloration. I did that on vacation one time and then took the next day’s photos with the camera set on tungsten and couldn’t figure out why everything had a bluish tint! Grrrrr! Was I sorry!

Here is the link to the blog with the different looks by altering the white balance… some I like and some I do not:

So this is my original image…

Sunrise at the Lake (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Sunrise at the Lake
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

And out of all the ones with varying white balance, I think this is my favorite using “daylight”…
Sunrise at the Lake (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Sunrise at the Lake
(Photo by Fay/Lala)


16 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #8 Sunrise at the Lake

  1. Wow Lala, this is such a wonderful learning curve. I did not know that you can change your white balance in your camera. I am so scared to change my camera settings as I’m afraid I will not be able to put them back to normal.

    I love the different colors of the clouds, and yes the second picture is my favorite too. The first time I have seen your submission, I thought you are pulling a “Tess” act by submitting two pictures. LOL.

    Thank you for all the lesson that you shared to us, I personally appreciate it so much and I’m grateful for the rest of my life.

    • Oh Tess… you always make poor Lala laugh!
      I think I did a Tess x 8, sneaking all those photos in but it was an easy way to show how white balance can change the looks of your photo. Always worth a try but I would definitely prefer to do it in post processing if I had a choice.

      For practice, find a photo that you are not wild about color-wise and take it into LR and under the develop module you will see “WB… as shot”. Just click on this and a drop down menu will show your different white balance options. I have salvaged more than a few photos using this.

      I’ll have my lime-a-rita now please!

      • LOL Lala. I will really try this. Thanks again.

        BTW, I was only up to two
        Lime-a-Rita, they are so good but knocks you down. LOL. I will have more later.

  2. OMG. Seriously Fay. I like both pictures but the second one is so beautiful. I’m so sorry that I didn’t get my lazy butt out of bed to get a good shot of a sunrise. I really did try but the pics were not good at all and I will also warn you ahead of time. I am so far behind on my annual challenge 😦 Thanks again for all you do for us!!

  3. The second one is sooooo vibrant! Breathtaking. I’m surprised you only did that with white-balance. I probably would have slid every slider in PS getting those colors. Very nice.

    I’m curious what WB you had the camera set to – I think you inferred the first image was out-of-the-camera WB..

    • Thanks Robin!

      The original image was shot in AWB (auto white balance) which is where my camera is always set. As it showed in the blog entry, I tweaked the original image by adding just a little orange for some added color and then changed it to the various choices of white balance just to see how each would effect the image.

      • The average white band. I’ve tried it and was never that pleased, so I just try to remember to change it with the light. When I don’t, I have to fix it in raw.

    • I only started shooting raw about a year ago, maybe a little more. I just KICK myself for not having raw files of some of my better images from before then. RAW ROCKS!

      • It took me forever to shoot in raw. I guess I kept hearing about a digital negative and thought it was something complicated that I couldn’t do but you can use your raw images as they come out of the camera but you have the capability of tweaking them and fixing them as more information is retained. Then once they are fixed you send them on their way as a jpeg. You just have to be sure you have a program to edit them and I happen to prefer Lightroom. I put that information in our CWPC book just because I thought it was valuable info to have.

  4. Fay,
    Very beautiful! I actually like both of them! I really like the various colors throughout the image. I feel like I am right under those beautiful clouds! I also like the silhouetted trees! Very nice!!

  5. Beautiful Fay! I like the second one as well!
    I went to Beavers Bend this weekend for a girls trip and one morning I got up at 5:30 am to shoot the sunrise over the river. I took many shots and changed my white balance too! I haven’t put them on my computer yet, but it sure is a learning process for me, this sunrise! I email you a shot soon!

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