June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #6 Another Day

This next submission is from Linda and was taken on a return trip from New Mexico. Here is her story…

“Just got back from a poetry convention in Albuquerque. Left home early Wednesday of last week and somewhere along Highway 287 I took this picture. Our hotel room in Albuquerque had great views, the Sandias to the east and what locals call the volcanoes to the west. The first night we saw a beautiful sunset, which also reflected in the window and made it appear that the sun was also setting over the Sandias. Two mornings we left the curtains open so that light would awaken me and I could take sunrise shots. We also spent a night in Taos and saw the sunrise there just before leaving for home. However, after viewing the dozens of shots I took over several days, I kept going back to this one. The sky wasn’t as spectacular and there weren’t any mountains, but I love the scene below. More old trucks, which always get my attention, and it just said to me, well, it’s another day.”

Another Day (Photo by Linda)

Another Day
(Photo by Linda)


7 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #6 Another Day

  1. Linda… thanks so much for your entry and I think this speaks as much to rural America as it does to the sunrise. You have captured a slice of life and I find it interesting how you definitely have an affection for the old trucks. I thought it was interesting too how you included that road sign in the bottom left corner.

  2. Linda, your shot has me feeling like I’m on the road again. And I do plan to be at the end of the month going to Senior National Games in Ohio. I’m hoping to get a few more sunrises and if I see any interesting old trucks I’ll think of you and shoot them. I like how you were able to get the rising sun and also have visible ground coverage. I could not get both in my shot. To get the sky like I wanted I had to darken the foreground more than I wanted.

    • I have a friend who plays basketball and sometimes her team goes to the Senior Games. What sport(s) do you participate in? And…good for you! I’m not, and never have been, athletic, but I admire those who are. Good luck!

  3. That is so nice. Perfect composition, wonderful sunrise colors, and great interest in the foreground. Wonderful.

  4. Linda,
    Sounds like you had some nice sunrises! Very interesting image! There is plenty to look at in your photo. I like the various colors with the beautiful sunrise as well as all the different colors of the trucks and objects below!!

  5. Linda,
    I love this picture. It not only shows the sunrise but their are lots of interesting things that you can see. It’s shows your interest with old trucks. Was wondering what that little structure at the left. Is that a guard house or a small office?
    Good job Linda.

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