June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #5 Sunrise at Sunset Cove

This next entry is from Vickie and I must say, she has an advantage over the rest of us as she has a bird’s eye view of sunrise coming up across the lake from the comfort of her home. I think it’s time for a pajama party at Vickie’s place! (And I’ll have some bacon and eggs to go with my coffee, please!)

“I love living on the lake and my favorite part is waiting to see what the sunrise will be. They are all different and I wait to see how they will slowly develop. A great sunrise makes for the start of a wonderful day!! If the weather is nice, I have my morning coffee watching the sunrise. After over 10 years of living here, it just never gets old.”

Vickie has done a “Tess” and has sent me a couple photos. Not sure which she wanted me to use but once again in the interest of learning, I will post both and let you be the judge. Now… the first one is by far the most colorful and that I like very much but I am finding the silhouettes not to be sharp to my eye, and that is bothersome. When I see a silhouette, it will immediately draw my attention and I think it should be sharp. Also, there is a lot going on in the bottom of the photo (un-needed vegetation) that I think needs to be cropped out as it does not add anything to the photo but rather detracts from that beautiful sky. As you scroll on your screen, stop just below where the land meets the water at the bottom of the photo to see what the cropped version might look like.

Sunrise on Sunrise Cove (Photo by Vickie)

Sunrise on Sunrise Cove
(Photo by Vickie)

BTW… we will be doing a challenge soon on cropping of photos! Just to give you a heads up! Now with digital, it is easy to crop our photos and no need to use them as they come “out of the box”!

The second photo does not have the usual sunrise colors but is much sharper and certainly gives a whole different look to the sky.

” Living on the lake has been such a blessing to me. Every morning is a new and exciting picture out my windows. We have lived here for almost 10 years and I have never seen a sunrise like this one. This picture just doesn’t do justice to the actual sunrise which was just magical. ..sunrise peaking through the clouds and sparkling across the water.”

Sunrise Over the Lake (Photo by Vickie)

Sunrise Over the Lake
(Photo by Vickie)

Thanks Vickie for helping us to learn a bit more about photography! You are indeed fortunate to have such a lovely view each morning! Imagine taking a photo a day of sunrise for a year from the exact same spot and with the same framing and then putting them in a slideshow with each lasting only about a second. Just goes to prove… no two days are alike!


4 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #5 Sunrise at Sunset Cove

  1. That’s the kind of sunrise I wanted to get (with trees prominently included). I will definitely keep trying for that and also with some water. And in various seasons which you have here. Thanks for your inspiring photos, Vickie.

  2. Vickie,
    Do you own a lake????
    It must be beautiful to wake up in your place. I would probably put my alarm though to be able to see the sunrise especially if there are doughnuts. LOL. Your place is beautiful and the trees are gorgeous.

  3. Vickie,
    I imagine you really enjoy all the beautiful sunrises! I would of loved to be there in person to see the “magical” sunrise! I really like how the colors in the sky match the ones in the water in the first image. Fay’s suggestion of cropping really makes for a nice image.

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