June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #2 Solar Powered Morning

Oh no… I’m not done with Robin yet.
When I first announced the sunrise challenge her comment was…
“OMIGOSH! Of all the possible challenges, you picked this one? This challenge, for me. is far less photographic than it is biological.
YAAAAAWN!!! My pooor bioclock…”

But rebeKah explained it to her…
“Therefore the word “challenge”, Robin. LOL You gotta get your shut-eye before 12a.m. I’m off to see The Solar Impulse at the airport. Does that count since it is sun related and it is before it next rises again?”

Hey wait a minute! Where did we find all of these Crazy Women?

So Robin, some of the “crazies” have been kind enough to forego a few hours of sleep just so that you may see exactly what a sunrise looks like and Crazy Woman Lorraine is about to show you a “Solar” Sunrise! This is her story, and we know she always has a story to tell!

“I started out on this assignment under self induced pressure. I am one to take several tries at my assignments trying to get the best shot I can. This time I knew I had only one shot at it due to schedules, etc, so I needed to make sure I had things planned out really well. I studied up on sunrises the night before. I planned on using manual settings and adjusted my camera accordingly. I chose a location that I thought would be good. Its off of Hwy 66 near the lake where “My Railroad Bridge” is, which is my year long challenge. My husband had taken a sunrise there before at the first part of the year and I liked the view.

I hurried out to the location to get set up before the sun came up over the horizon. I was pushing it time wise. I arrived and set up my tripod only to discover that I had a lot of brush and vegetation that had grown up around the area that previously had made a good sunrise shot. So off the crazy woman goes literally running with the tripod to try to find some higher land to get a better view. On higher land I could see the sun coming and was disappointed that it was going to rise over the power lines! Geez….of all places! I was hoping for it to come up over the lake more! In the end, the power lines didn’t hurt the shot like I thought they would.

I was afraid that I might have not gotten anything decent but was pleasantly surprised at some of the good shots I ended up getting!”

Solar Powered Morning (Photo by Lorraine)

Solar Powered Morning
(Photo by Lorraine)


17 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #2 Solar Powered Morning

  1. Love those rays of light! And you are right… the power lines and poles did not detract from your shot! And as always, I love your stories to go along with your photos!

    • Fay,
      Thank you! In looking through my images I kept coming back to this one because of the sun rays. As far as the power poles….I just didn’t have enough time or a big enough saw to take them down! (Ha Ha)

      • OK Lorraine, you are scaring Lala but not me. (LOL). I know that if Lala gets in trouble she wants me to bring some Blue Bell ice cream….How about you? In case you are in trouble cutting those power poles. LMAO.

  2. Beautiful as always Lorraine. I love the title that nicely fits the image. Thank you for the story that always go with your picture.
    Another good job Lorraine.

    • Tess,
      Thank you so much! I appreciate your compliments! This was definitely a challenge for me! I would like to try to take some more sunrises as I do enjoy seeing the beauty of them!

  3. Lorraine, it’s very nice, and I think the power of the sun, juxtaposed with the power poles and lines, is a happy accident.

    And, thanks for showing me what I missed. I was rather struck that it looks surprisingly like a sunSET. Hmmm, wonder if I could-a cheated…

    • Robin,
      Thank you for your nice comments! As far as “cheating” with a sunset picture….I have not heard nor seen anything!!!

      • Ha! Well, to be perfectly open, when Fay first sent that challenge, I thought to myself that the only way I could submit an entry would be with a sunset shot. I’m just not that kind of girl – um, usually. Now, if there were money involved, dunno… … …. naaaa, I’m too poor a liar, never can remember what I told people.

    • You can probably cheat Robin as the sunrise today looks like a sunset…Good idea as I am not an early riser like you except when I need to go to work. Wishhhhhhhhhhh I’m retired. LOL.

  4. Nice Lorraine, I love the power lines! I took a few with the power lines on the lake side heading into Rockwall, the other side of my bridge / sunrise shot. They were not as nice as this, the rays are very pretty!
    Hey Robin You sound like my husband! When I was whining about getting out early to shoot my husband suggested using a sunset…great minds!!

  5. Donna,
    Thank You! In spite of having to get up early, I enjoyed taking these photos once I got into it. I was able to catch a couple of shots with a bird flying in the sky but there was other things about these photos that made them not as nice. Mainly, they had some framing issues with trying to keep certain distracting things out of my background.

  6. Lorraine, I very much enjoyed reading your background story. I tried to plan but ended up just getting out there since I could stall the entire year in the planning phase. It took me several times just to locate where it would rise and I thought the first of the month was difficult since it was rainy and cloudy many days. Your photo and title are cleverly appropriate and timely in our culture of solar talk and ideas. I like that you captured it rising with the near poles.

    • rebeKah,
      Thank you for the nice comments! I was also having a hard time with all the cloudy days. Due to my work hours, I had to catch the sunrise on a day off and so many of these were cloudy! It came down to having the one day I could try to get the shot and the pressure was on and I usually don’t do pressure well!

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