June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #1 Early in the Day

The deadline for the Sunrise Challenge was looming and I sent out this e-mail:

“OK all you crazies! Thus far I have gotten only one sunrise photo for the monthly challenge! I really did think you were all crazier than that and will extend the deadline through the Summer Solstice which is June 21.”

Robin (as in, the “other Robin”) immediately sent this response:
“Just can’t do it. Heart refuses to pump that time of day.”

And my response was: “Quick! Call 911! See you are a crazy woman!
I was having second thoughts after posting it but hey… it’s called shooting something different!”

And Robin said: “Yea, maybe, but probably not. Haven’t seen a sunrise since I was extremely young. Not a morning person. Now, you want moon shots, I’m just waiting for Sunday night 🙂 Gonna use my hefty tripod this time, no truck going by is gonna spoil my shot!”

Me: “Spoken like a crazy woman, Robin!”

Robin: “I’m so glad to have, in some small way, lived up to your expectations, O great one-eye’d one.”

So after this exchange, I was not expecting much but then to my surprise I got 6 sunrises! You women really are crazy! Even I procrastinated until the last moment and by then the clouds were more common than the sun.

Soooo… here is the first sunrise from Donna:

“Early in the Day”
“I had been talking to Debbie and Merrie at work about shooting the sunrise and encouraging them to shoot a sunrise from work out the windows in the morning since they would be up-and-at-em anyway. Last Thursday, I thought to myself you should really take your own advice since I had to be in at 6:30am. I took my camera with me to work and on the way I stopped at the end of the Lake Ray Hubbard Bridge and shot the sunrise as it appeared over the lake. I decided not to crop the picture too much because I liked the image with the cars and bridge which went along with my journey to catch the sunrise!”

Early in the Day (Photo by Donna)

Early in the Day
(Photo by Donna)


7 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #1 Early in the Day

  1. Donna,
    Thank you for encouranging the other crazies (Merrie and Debbie). I used to drive the other bridge between Rockwall and Rowllett for five years when I was at LakePointe. Looking at this image, it made me miss my early drive to work and miss y’all even more.
    You are so lucky to have the opportunity to take this picture by just a few minutes stop to work.
    This must be a hot day as there is no evidence of some clouds in it.
    Good job Donna.

    • Thank you Tess, this was a hard shot for me! I really struggled with what to place in the frame of the photo to make it interesting. That is why I selected this photo, the details.
      Thanks for your post!!

  2. Donna,
    I like how you took your sunrise from an elevated point of view near the bridge. Taking the sunrise over the lake is very appealing. I especially like the trees in the foreground. Very nice sunrise image!!!

    • Thanks Lorraine for your comments! I took many photos around the bridge, in my neighborhood, in another neighborhood and the lake seemed appealing to me too! Thanks again!

  3. Great shot. I always like pretty pictures around the lake. Seems so peaceful. The trees add a nice frame.

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