Donna “shoots” the birdies…

This was Donna’s first time shooting the raptors at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. Let me share some of Donna’s favorite photos…

Eastern Screech Owl (Photo by Donna)

Eastern Screech Owl
(Photo by Donna)

Red Tailed Hawk (Photo by Donna)

Red Tailed Hawk
(Photo by Donna)

Watching You! (Photo by Donna)

Watching You!
(Photo by Donna)

Common Barn Owl (Photo by Donna)

Common Barn Owl
(Photo by Donna)

Attempting to take flight... (Photo by Donna)

Attempting to take flight…
(Photo by Donna)


12 thoughts on “Donna “shoots” the birdies…

  1. Donna…
    It was such fun shooting with you… as always! You did a great job capturing these raptors! That first one certainly has the “awwwwww!” factor! And the red tailed hawk is so majestic looking and powerful and I think your angle of view adds to this feeling.
    But my very favorite is the barn owl sitting in the tree. You have managed to get the owl in excellent focus yet the rest of the background and foreground are softly out of focus.
    So glad you were able to join us at the raptor shoot!

    • It was so fun going to shoot there, I love how they took the time to make the setting so natural and asked us how we would like to see the raptors in the trees.
      I was a great learing experience all around!
      THanks for the nice comments, I’m really proud of these photos!!
      So much fun to go out and shoot new things!

  2. Donna,
    Great shots of the birds!!! Sounds like a great opportunity to get some close ups of these raptors. All your photos are very sharp and I like the different poses of the birds and the angles you shot them at! My favorite is the “Eastern Screech Owl!” Those big eyes just draw me in and I can’t help but wonder what is going through this owls mind! I love the reflections in its eyes as well! Very Nice!!!!

    • Thanks Lorraine! The Screech Owl was my favorite too! He was really animated when we were there, he kept looking into the woods! I was exciting when he would look are way, and then all you heard was click, click, click!!!
      So nice to see you the other day, hope to shoot with you soon!

  3. Donna,
    These are so beautiful. Just like what Lala said, yes it all have an AWWWW look. Like Lorraine, my favorite is the Eastern Screech Owl. Her eyes are so big, sharp and beautiful.

    Sooo happy to see you that day.

  4. Good work, Donna. Makes me want to be there the next time. I really like the Common Barn Owl on the tree limb and the Red Tailed Hawk with wings spread.

    • Thanks rebeKah~ Oh you have to go next time if you can, it was very organized and so much fun! Thanks, the Barn Owl looked so soft in person, the feathers are amazing!

  5. All of the photos were amazing. My favorite is the eastern screech owl. I too wonder what he is thinking. Very frame worthy. So wanting to go next year

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