Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

On May 25th, Tess, Donna and I went to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Lucas for Photo Day. Once a year they have a photo day. The cost is $20/person for a morning to shoot their raptors. They limit the number of photographers so it makes it a fun day out to be able to get up close to these beautiful birds. They go out of their way to present their birds in a natural setting. If the birds show any sign of stress they immediately remove them from the situation. So many people in North Texas have learned about raptors through their efforts.

This is the third year I have gone to shoot the raptors. Last year Tess joined me and we were eaten alive by chiggers! I personally counted 200 bites and at that point I stopped counting as there were more than that. Needless to say, this year we sprayed ourselves in hopes of avoiding more bites.

We met Mary, a friend from Capture Dallas at the shoot and then we all went to the Cheesecake Factory in Allen for lunch. It was a delightful day out and we took way too many photos. I took over 900! Yikes… my computer is groaning! Obviously not all of them are keepers but you never know when shooting birds if you got the shot or not.

Tess, Fay/Lala, Donna (Photo by Mary from Capture Dallas)

Tess, Fay/Lala, Donna
(Photo by Mary from Capture Dallas)

Hope some of you can go next year. It is a fun day out and an opportunity to shoot birds close up. To obtain shots like this of birds in the wild would be extremely difficult and we thank the employees and volunteers for making this possible.


5 thoughts on “Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

  1. It was absolutely a fun day. We did not just take photos of birds but we also had the opportunity to take pictures of wildflowers and ducks in Allen while waiting for the Cheesecake Factory to open. Thanks Lala for showing us this place.

    • Thanks Tess… and if you will remember, we were stopped by security at Watters Creek where we were shooting the ducks and told that we are not allowed to shoot any of the names of the stores.
      (I don’t get it!)

  2. What a great picture I LOVE it!!
    It was a great day, so much fun to get out with the crazies, at such a fun shoot!
    So nice to meet Mary too!
    No chiggers either!! WHOO HOO!

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