Thank you!

Just wanted to thank all you “crazies” for your photo entries in the flower challenge! We had 12 entries and lots of conversations and laughs and I think there was something to learn through it all! And for those of you sitting on the sidelines, we would love to have you join us and share your photos for the challenges or to join us on our outings when possible. I think it is virtually impossible to learn photography without actually getting out there and doing it! It makes no difference what you are shooting with… the basics of photography are the same.

I think one of the entries that stimulated a lot of conversation as well as learning was Vickie’s photo of her orchid and being a true Crazy Woman, she has sent me a couple more photos taken with her 50mm lens and I think you will agree they are great! I will post both of them and I know Vickie will be interested in seeing your comments!

I am always a bit hesitant to use your photos as a learning tool but then again that is what we are here for and mind you, I may be totally wrong in my assessments and suggestions, and you are always welcome to give your point of view. The exchange I think is important. I guess certain things have been drilled in my head through the years and this is what I draw from but then there is always the exception to the rule. We hear about composition and the rule of thirds but sometimes an image with the subject directly in the center works! There is so much subjectivity in photography. So if you think I am off base, I would appreciate hearing that.

When I started this club, it was to give you some basic guidance as you enter into the magical world of photography and also to give you a passion that hopefully will carry through the rest of your life. From there… it is up to you to learn, grow and find what you like to shoot. We will all follow a different path and will learn from each other. Once you develop a love for photography, you will never look at the world the same again! Suddenly you will start to notice light and shadows, pattern, lines, color play and will mentally take a photo in your brain even when you do not have a camera in your hands and those may be the times you wished you had brought your camera along.

Vickie’s orchid reshoot is amazing. Look back to her other image and then look at these shots and ask yourself which is better. All the entries are shot with her 50mm lens. The camera settings are nearly identical but on her original entry, the f-stop was set at 1.8… extremely shallow depth of field requiring great care to focus on one small area of the image. I will include her camera settings with each of the following photos.

I think both are excellent with good focus, and have been accentuated with a simple background that does not distract from the subject. Those flowers really pop now! Your eye is focused on the flowers and nothing else. Shooting a white flower on a light background can be difficult but she has managed to do this so well and shooting a light colored subject on a black background is equally difficult as the camera may want to expose , or should I say overexpose, your subject as it is metering for the dark background but she has handled this so well! There is no loss of detail in the highlights which can many times be blown out if we are not careful. And I assume she shot these in natural light which is so flattering and diffused as opposed to a bright sunny location.

I think that 50mm lens is a keeper!

Vickie… I thank you so much for the reshoot and giving us these beautiful images to learn by.

F 2.5 at 1/60sec, ISO 200

Simply Beautiful (Photo by Vickie)

Simply Beautiful
(Photo by Vickie)

F 2 at 1/60 sec, ISO640

Orchid Love (Photo by Vickie)

Orchid Love
(Photo by Vickie)


9 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. WOW Vickie! Excellent job! Thanks for taking the time to reshoot your orchids. These are beautiful images! And thanks for helping us learn from your original image .

  2. Fay is right, and they are both winners.

    Orchid Love, with the black background, is so dramatic. And, my own entry demonstrates I enjoy dramatic images 🙂

    My choice, though, would be ‘Simply Beautiful.’ It’s also simply perfect. Both images feature just a few blossoms, with but two in foreground, simplifying and drawing me in. I think perhaps your choice to shoot ‘Simply’ at a half a stop down (2.5 vs. 2) made the difference for me, there is more orchid in focus with it.

  3. Wow Vickie! Both images are absolutely gorgeous! I am glad you re-shot them. It is amazing to see the different perspectives with the two different backgrounds. I like how the black background brings out the colors for a more dramatic effect. And the white background shows the simple beauty of the orchid. Good job Vickie!

  4. These are stunning Vickie. Thank you for sharing these and the effort to re-shot.

    I love the the “simply beautiful” too as I have an orchid like this. This picture inspire me to take a picture of my orchid that looks exactly like this.

    Thanks Lala for the lesson. I don’t personally look at the settings of my pictures primarily because most of the time I use my phone in accessing the club’s website and my phone don’t have the capability in checking the picture’s setting. I might need to check the settings more often to learn the differences
    of its effect. I learn tons of techniques from this club mainly from your teachings. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

  5. Great photos Vickie! THanks for reshooting!
    I love when you teach us Fay, for me this is the best way to learn through “OUR” photos and sharing thoughts with each other!
    It has been a great YEAR for me!! I have learned alot from this crazy group!

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