May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #12 A Rose for You

Lastly, I am posting my flower photo. It was a bit of a decision as to what to enter as there were several that I was considering, but I thought I might post something just a little different. It was a rainy afternoon and I hadn’t shot anything in about a day-and-a-half and felt like I was going through withdrawal. I looked outside and saw a couple roses partially opened with a few raindrops on them and that was when I decided to shoot a rose. The only problem was… it was still raining outside so rather than standing in the rain to shoot, I made a mad dash outside with scissors in hand and snipped what I thought was the best blossom… and yes, it probably was the best of the lot.

Now… what to do with it? It was a pink rose and I wanted it to have a soft feminine feel so I pulled out an old lace robe from many years ago and laid it on the table in the dining room as I like the way the light comes in that window. It rather acts as a large soft box giving diffused light. So, I figured I would just lay the rose on there and bingo… done!

But the rose was not at an angle that I liked and I couldn’t quite contort my body to shoot it. That was when I decided to support it with a cereal bowl beneath the lace but it was still not at a good angle but when I placed a knife on the stem, the position was better but I had to camouflage the knife with some greenery which was actually a plus, I think. I was finally ready to shoot! So I took a bunch of shots, put them on the computer and was shocked to find a brown area on one of the upper petals. This was not what I had anticipated and why didn’t I see it when I was shooting (or when I cut the rose)? So… back downstairs to pluck off that petal and reshoot the flower for the final time.

A Rose for You (Photo by Fay/Lala)

A Rose for You
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

And then another thought came to mind. Maybe I could turn this into a Mother’s Day greeting for my daughters, and why not try desaturating the image? This was the final result of the experiment.

Happy Mother's Day (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Happy Mother’s Day
(Photo by Fay/Lala)


17 thoughts on “May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #12 A Rose for You

  1. Wow, this is stunning. What a nice idea. I did not even think about changing the saturation. Your talents are beyond words Lala and I personal appreciate you sharing them to us.

  2. I’m right there with Tess. Wow!! I love that. Thanks for showing us a great way to arrange for a photo. Beautiful pink color. Thank you for being a great mentor too

  3. Fay,
    Beautiful rose, Beautiful job! I like how you have shown us the different aspects in obtaining shots. With making the lighting optimal and choosing an unique and great background and last but not least the importance of having a flawless subject. I have learned how especially important this is when shooting food and flowers!!! Thanks for all your encouragement, patience, and making learning so much fun!!!

    • Thanks Debbie and Lorraine for your comments! Like I had said to Tess in another comment, I can get you started in photography and hopefully give you a passion but from there you are on your own! We learn from each other. And if photography was easy, it would only take us one “click” to get the shot. There are lots of variables including the human element!

    • A special thank you to my friend Sheila! Sheila and I became friends years ago when I joined the Mesquite Photography Club. Unfortunately that club is no longer in existence but the great part about photography is the friends you make along the way!

  4. Wow LaLa, That sounds like a lot of work but it paid off. Absolutely gorgeous rose. I like the desaturated photo with for an old fashioned look for using as a greeting card. But for visual effect i prefer the brighter pink one.

  5. Goodness goodness, what an excellent thought. I’ve certainly played with saturation, but never with that intent. I will remember this extraordinary and wonderful effect. Thanks for another lesson, and another beautiful image.

    • Thanks Robin! I tend to like desaturated images for some things. Like Merrie said, it tends to give an old-fashioned look similar to when hand tinting was done to photos.

      • Oh, you’re right! I hadn’t thought about hand-tinted photos in a very long time. You did replicate that effect very closely. Wonderful.

  6. Very pleasing, Fay. Is reducing the saturation the trick to isolating color in a photo or is there another way to make only one object appear in color while the rest is black and white or grays? Also, high marks for creativity from first thought to final click! Being a “Crazy” means not giving up.

    • LOL! Thanks rebeKah!
      To do selective coloring, as far as I know, you must do that in photoshop unless there is another program out there that can be used. I am not very techy but have done selective coloring using photoshop in the past but because I do it so seldom, I must always look at the “destructions”!

  7. Hey Fay, I was looking at your pictures again and I noticed that the one that you desaturated actually shows more detail in the lace and the foliage. Did you do anything else besides de-satting?

  8. This is such a lovely shot, I love doing things with my pics as gifts too!
    Thanks for sharing! Such creativity in photography!

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