May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #10 Noonday Rose

This has been a good month for flowers as well as entries.
I still have a couple more to post.
Even though Marylin is on the move, she sent this entry before driving through the desert to Arizona. The rose photo was taken in her mother’s yard in Plano.

“A couple of days ago, when it was sunny, I was on my way to my red van (in the background) and I decided to go back inside the house to get my camera with a 105mm lens to capture this rose with the noon lighting. I used the flash to make sure the lighting would not come only directly from the top.”

So here we have another gal thinking outside of the box by using fill light from her flash on a sunny day. And Robin… just in case you misread what Marylin said… it was “noon” lighting not “moon” lighting!

Now I must admit that when I read that her red van was in the background behind the rose, I was expecting to see a van parked behind a rosebush but instead, I merely saw a streak of out of focus red due to the shallow depth of field. Excellent choice of camera settings Marylin!

Hope you are having a wonderful time traveling the southwest! Be careful out there. You never can tell when you might run into a crazy woman!

Noonday Rose (Photo by Marylin)

Noonday Rose
(Photo by Marylin)


9 thoughts on “May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #10 Noonday Rose

  1. A beautiful rose Marylin and by using your flash, I can only assume you gave better light to this rose avoiding harsh ugly shadows. And I think this is a good lesson about depth of field. If there is something in the background that is distracting, use a shallow depth of field and make it less noticable. So many times our backgrounds can make or break a photo and sometimes we are so intent on the subject that we forget about what is going on “behind the scene”.

  2. I did see ‘noon’, and could have expected harsh blown-out lighting, but no, it’s perfect. Fill light worked marvelously.

  3. This is so beautiful Marylin. Thanks you for explains how you got this. Yes, I love the shallow DOF. You cannot tell that this one was taken at noon.

  4. Impressive indeed for a noon shot! Thanks for the reminder about some options I tend to forget like flash use. Inclusion of the future blooms are a great addition. Really like this all around due to its lighting, color, composition and bokeh.

  5. FYI I just read some new comments added to my shot and it puzzled me how some could say things like the bee has liquid on it’s feet and other detailed stuff and I’m thinking how bad my eyes are because I can’t see the stuff that’s being mentioned and I’m wondering if people are making things up!? Then it dawned on me that maybe there IS a way to see better so I tried just clicking on the photo and sure enough it got larger! How very nice and when will I ever catch up!?

    • Well rebeKah I knew you could click on the image to make it bigger, but I don’t always do it! So of course I had to go back to your image and CLICK!! You can see the liquid on the bee’s feet, how fun!!!
      Nice shot!!

  6. This is a beautiful shot! I love how the light adds yellow hues, (as yellow is my favorite color), nice job!

  7. Marilyn,
    What a really nice shot! I like how you showed us the effect of using flash in the broad daylight and explained how you went about it. I am anxious to play around with using flash more! Your rosé is very sharp and I love the shade cast on some of the petals! Nice!!!

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