May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #6 A Field of Yellow

Donna has been wandering around the countryside looking for wildflowers and she found her pot of gold… or should I say, yellow?

“When the challenge was issued, I knew I had to go out and shoot the famous Texas wildflowers. I found a patch of flowers along Hwy 205 one Saturday afternoon and started to shoot. After about 30 minutes and what seemed like 50 shots or so, I got back in the car, looked at the photos and thought so so; however, I thought, like Fay says, “put them on the computer to see what you shot.” I pulled down the road to make a U turn back to the highway, and to my left was this beautiful field covered in YELLOW (my favorite color). So of course, I got out and shot some more! And this is what I got!”

Field of Yellow (Photo by Donna)

Field of Yellow
(Photo by Donna)


12 thoughts on “May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #6 A Field of Yellow

  1. Donna… I do love this field of yellow! I personally have more difficulty shooting a field of something as opposed to a single blossom as I am never quite sure where to focus. Your depth of field is actually very shallow getting only a few of the flowers in the foreground in focus and I think this adds to the feeling that this field is vast. I too like your composition with just a bit of the sky included and good for you for getting your horizon straight! A beautiful image for sure!

    • Thank you Fay, I appreciate your comments as always! I am enjoying all the photos so much as I change the wallpaper on my ipad with each challenge and outing! I get to see my images everytime I turn it on, so much fun to see your own images often. 🙂

  2. Donna,

    Another stunning beauty. Just like Lala, I too have Dificulty in shooting a field of flowers, it’s a bit of a challenge but you did it so beautifully. This is another area that I need to practice as I live in the country side.

    Great job!

    • Practice…practice…practice…right Tess!
      Thanks for the compliment! I enjoyed shooting with ya’ll last weekend, hope we can do it again soon!
      I love the pic that Lala took of us two in action!!

  3. Donna,
    I love how you had a very small area of sharp focus towards the front of this beautiful field of yellow flowers with the nice blurring of the rest of the field! Including the sky really adds to the nice appeal of this image!

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