May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #3 Grand Opening

Crazy woman Lorraine is at it again!
When I get her submissions, there is always a story to go along with it, and so it is with her flower photo!

“I made several outings to find the “perfect” flower. Some of my adventures included walking down the alley to shoot some irises, going to a park, and I also went to a nearby cemetery that had some natural flowers blooming. While at the cemetery I really got excited when I found a really nice and unique flower that was just in perfect shape and so beautiful. I shot a few photos of it and then realized that it was a silk flower!! Talk about a crazy woman in action!

On one of my outings to look for wildflowers, I noticed some really pretty roses around the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum. I found some of the budding roses to be interesting and so this is what I have chosen to present for this challenge.”

Grand Opening (Photo by Lorraine)

Grand Opening
(Photo by Lorraine)


15 thoughts on “May Challenge: April Showers Bring May Flowers… Entry #3 Grand Opening

  1. WOW! What a beautiful rose bud! Your focus is superb with the fine “hairs” and texture on the sepals as well as the bud itself and it is set off by the shallow depth of field bringing full attention to the bud. I even see a little bug below the blossom!

    And the other thing I really like is the fact that you have cropped your image to a square.

    Something that we can all learn from you is the fact that photography is indeed an adventure. You never quite know where it might lead you and what you might shoot. Thanks so much Lorraine for your entry!

    • Fay,
      Thank you so much for your compliments! I even learned a new word from you…..”sepals”! I did have to play around with the cropping some to get it like I thought it should be, so was glad to hear you liked it. Thank you for all your encouragement and advice you give all of us crazy women!

  2. Great job Lorraine! I love the bold colors of the bud, I think sometimes a close up shot allows us to really enjoy a flowers beautiful colors. I too think the “hairs” give the photo so much texture!
    I agree sometimes the photos really bring adventure! On that note I hope to see more crazies on the outings as they really are so much fun!
    Thanks Fay for organizing the crazy adventures! Challenges and Outings!!

    • Donna,
      Thank you!!! I found the close up to be rather interesting! With taking photos I am seeing so many things I have never noticed before! I find it interesting and exciting!

  3. It’s a toss up for me on which is better, your photo or your story about photographing a prize silk flower! Both are great.

    • RebeKah,
      Thank you!!! I was kinda embarrassed about the silk flower incident but also disappointed that it wasn’t real! Yes, I am a crazy women in action!

  4. Lorraine,

    You never cease to amaze me. I always look forward to your phot submission for I know it would be magnificent. Just like this it is perfect.

    Thank you for being a true example and role model to our club’s success. You made us strive to look for perfection in photography.

  5. Very nicely done Lorraine. I learn so much from all the crazy women’s photos in each challenge. I love the red because red is one of my favorite colors and the detail is perfect. Beautiful rose bud

    • Debbie,
      Thank you so much!!! Red is my favorite color also! I never really have looked at rose buds so closely before. Now I find them to be so interesting. Yes, we can learn so much!

  6. Beautiful photo Lorraine! I like how you chose a rose bud as opposed to an open flower. It really contrasts the red and green. And the details in it are so neat to see this close up. Great bokeh effect too. A+++++!

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