The Rockwall Farmers’ Market

For the past couple years I have been going to the Rockwall Farmers’ Market nearly every Saturday morning during the spring and summer months with my little black pug, Mollie Sue. We both enjoy it so much as we meet new and old two and four-legged friends. Mollie Sue is well-behaved and she has quite a following. There was a little girl named Elaine who would always see us coming and as we crossed the street she would call out… “Here comes the pug lady!”

I would buy vegetables, bread, jam, and whatever caught my attention at the time. The vendors are all so friendly and I can always count on Crazy Rick, the organic guy, as in “No Chemikills”, to have something interesting that I have never seen before… like rat-tailed radishes. It looks like a green bean but tastes like a radish and grows on a vine rather than under ground.
Amazing but true!

I made a book about the Rockwall Farmers’ Market on
After going to the link, click on “Preview Book” and then maximize on your screen for best viewing. To see the entire book on line, just go to:

So our most recent outing was to the market and Donna and Vickie joined me for a fun morning out. Vickie was smart. She bought so much stuff that the guy took it to her car for her! Now that’s service!

I was not sure exactly when the market started this year and then I got a surprise invitation through the mail. The surprise came when I opened it up to find two of my photos from the market used on the front as well as the inside of the note card. The images had been photoshopped to look like a painting and yes, credit was given to the photographer! A special thank you goes to Sandi and Michael Whitley from the Rockwall Soap Company for their talent in putting this together. Be sure to visit their website:
So let me share their work with you and then we will see some more photos from the market.

Rockwall Farmers' Market

Rockwall Farmers’ Market




14 thoughts on “The Rockwall Farmers’ Market

    • Thanks Robin! Evidently they didn’t know how to get in touch with me to get my OK, but then someone else had said that they were sure I wouldn’t mind… and yes, since it was done so well, I was quite honored that they would use them on the invitation!

      • Listen girl, at this point in my shutter-bugging, they can print anything of mine they want as long as they say my name. When I get as famous as Ansel, well, we’ll negotiate 🙂

  1. Do you know Diana Loring, who often (maybe always) has a booth there? She sells her home-canned goods and maybe candles. I’ve never seen her booth, but she was president of the Mesquite Garden Club for eight years and is a master gardener. Very talented lady. Look for her next time, if you haven’t run into her yet.

    Beautiful pictures, and an honor for you.



    • Yes, yes, yes… I do know Diana but didn’t know her last name. You will find a photo of her with her husband in the farmers’ market book. Her jams, jellies, and pickles are not only delicious but beautiful to look at!

  2. What a nice surprise and you got credit!….What fun. I love farmer’s markets anyway. Mother and I went to Second Monday Trades Day here yesterday–I bought a few plants and put out. The living room is starting to look like a living room….now if I can figure out what to do with all the stuff we piled in the dining room so it can look like a dining room……oh well. At least my neck and back are feeling better. The house deal fell through so it is back on the market….. Sheila

  3. Lala,
    This is just a wonderful surprise credit. The One who made the card is so crafty and artistic that enhances your already beautiful picture into a work of art.
    I am so happy for you. Great job as always.

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