April Challenge: Lines… Entry #10 Behind Bars

I joined a bunch of photographers from Capture Dallas on a meetup to the Dallas Farmers’ Market on Earth Day weekend. And what a perfect place to shoot the vegetables and the people who grow some of our produce. But an unfortunate thing happened. As we were shooting the fruits and veggies, a security guard came up to one of our members and said that no photography is allowed in the market and that we would need to leave.

Say what? We saw no signs and we know for a fact that a photography club was previously there at another time to shoot the market. I, as an individual have also shot the market in years past. And believe me, that market could use some positive free publicity which they would have gotten as Capture Dallas is sponsored by the Dallas Morning News.

Needless to say we were frustrated with the situation and left the market to roam the streets of Dallas instead. BTW… I wrote to the Dallas Farmers’ Market about this incident and asked what their policy is on photography, as it is a public place. I am still awaiting an answer and when I hear, or should I say… if I hear… I will let you know.

So… we roamed the streets of Dallas and I found this little dog behind bars. He was a cute little guy but quite protective of his territory. Actually, I think he just wanted some attention. He looked lonely and in need of some love.
I think he was truly behind bars!

Behind Bars (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Behind Bars
(Photo by Fay/Lala)


9 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #10 Behind Bars

  1. Can’t believe they wouldn’t let you take pictures there…really…a little positive press would do them some good!!

    Cute doggie picture..l thought it was 2 pictures at first…

    • Thanks Vickie!

      Seems there is something very wrong when you can easily buy guns but you cannot shoot veggies (with a camera) in our country. Somehow it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Could that little black box with the shutter button really be that threatening?

  2. This story is just crazy and does not make sense. As what Robert Griffin III said….”In a land of freedom, we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness”.

    Very cut fella, probably waiting for mama and papa to go home and guarding his territory very strongly.

  3. Cute pic Fay did you notice the lines as you took it of after you got home?
    I love the lines created by the shadow, very sweet looking pup!!

  4. Love all the lines and the shadow. I too feel sorry for the pup. How he isn’t out there all the time. Great job!!

  5. Fay,
    I really love how your angled shadow lines are framed with them starting in the lower left hand corner and leading you to the vertical lines of the fence and then to the doggie!

    Hopefully this issue with Farmers Market will be resolved!

    Nice image displaying lines!

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