April Challenge: Lines… Entry #9 Going Nowhere

The Rockwall Farmers’ Market begins tomorrow and it was a little over a year ago that I ran into Donna at the market and we had a nice chat. I would see Donna at work periodically but she worked in education and I worked in ICU so we never really got to spend much time together until she became a “crazy woman”.

Everything seemed to fall into place. Her son would be going off to school and he had been her main photographic subject so now she would have new things to shoot. It has been such fun having Donna in the club and her photos always seem to have an emotional component as does this one.

This is Donna’s entry…

“When you introduced the line challenge I knew exactly where I would go to shoot. You see, my son had senior pictures done by a professional and he took us here to shoot. It turned out to be my favorite pose and I have included it for fun!

While we were at the shoot I noticed the train tracks and wondered where they went and loved how the tracks disappeared into the distance. Since the senior photo shoot, I drive past these tracks and it brings back fond memories!

So for this challenge I find myself back in this spot looking at it from a different perspective.”

“LOVE these challenges!!”

Drew (Donna's son)

(Donna’s son)

Going Nowhere (Photo by Donna)

Going Nowhere
(Photo by Donna)


13 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #9 Going Nowhere

  1. I love the way you have shot this Donna! And yes… those tracks take you “nowhere”! The tracks are sharp and I like the composition as well as the angle you shot at. The bright light on the left rail also catches your eye and draws you into the image. Well done!

    And btw… Drew is a handsome fella and you must be very proud of him!

    • Thanks Fay I appreciate your kind words!
      I have noticed that the emotional element to my photography really makes it easy for me to compose the shot. I love coming home and putting the pics on my computer, so fun!!
      (and let me tell you I can’t stop thinking about flowers!!)

  2. Donna,
    This is so beautiful. I really love the way you composed the image.
    Your son is such a handsome young man. His picture is a line challenge entry itself it think. You can see lots of lines in his shirt and the drum sticks. You also has a bokeh lines in the railroad tracks behind him.
    Great job!

  3. Donna,
    First of all I am a big sucker when it comes to railroad tracks or trains! (HaHa)

    Seriously, this is a great image with the tracks leading you straight and then curving nicely. The railroad ties give pleasant horizontal lines as well. The lines in your image take you into the frame appropriately!

    What a nice spot for your son’s senior photos!

    Well done!

    • Thanks Lorraine, you and I and trains, who knew??
      It was a nice spot, as photographers (CWPC), I sure look at EVERYTHING different, as if I am going to shoot it!
      Hope to see you soon!

    • Thanks~ I too loved the weeds in the shot and specifically chose a photo with them in it, it made the shot more interesting!
      I’m glad you noticed!

  4. I also like it a lot. I have a soft spot for the perspective of tracks and you’ve composed this image perfectly.

  5. Very nice picture. The shot was perfect with the straight and curved lines. Your son is very handsome. Great job

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