April Challenge: Lines… Entry #8 Wyly Theater

Our next entry is from Vickie…

Taken at the Wyly Theater in Dallas. This is their ceiling in the entryway.
Very modern place.

Wyly Theater (Photo by Vickie)

Wyly Theater
(Photo by Vickie)


6 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #8 Wyly Theater

  1. Oh, I just noticed, you can comment. Well then, this is a very very nice image. Love it.

  2. Vickie,

    The center line of this image reminds me of my college PE professor. He taught us in our drill team practice that “if you cannot see the person in front of the one in front of you, then you are sure that you created a straight line”.

    Nice entry Vickie.

  3. Vickie,
    Great submission for the line challenge! I like how the roll of lights on both sides of center lights help guide you straight back!

  4. Great catch I would not have thought to shoot at the lights creating lines! Thank goodness for our phones with cameras, we should never miss a shot! 😉

  5. Very nice shot. I will need to look at the next theatre that I’m at. Never thought about looking up. Great job

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