April Challenge: Lines… Entry # 4 Construction Lines

Today, I am posting a photo by Debbie. Ever since Debbie figured out how to shoot an abstract photo, she has been on a roll! The one thing that I like about a challenge is the fact that it will make you look for photos in places you might never have looked before.

So this is what Debbie has to say…

” I have been researching lines a lot. I was truly amazed at the things you can find when you are looking and we never pay attention to them. This picture caught my attention. It is a new construction they are doing in Greenville.”

Construction Lines (Photo by Debbie)

Construction Lines
(Photo by Debbie)

5 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry # 4 Construction Lines

  1. Yes Debbie… there are lots of lines here and I like how you have composed your shot by including the overhead wires. And it adds more interest as one wire appears to be black and the other tan. Good eye!

  2. Abstract…I mean Debbie,

    I love this image. You really is getting the hang of it. There are multiple lines in this image and just like what Lala said, the composition is beautiful.
    Very good job!

  3. Great subject for the lines challenge!
    Unlike Fay I would like to see more of the construction!
    ONLY because I am curious what are the constructing??

  4. Debbie,
    Interesting image displaying abstract and lines! I love the blue sky as the background and can see how you may be able to make this into some other neat shots as well!

  5. Thanks everyone. Donna I think I should take photos as the construction continues. Great idea. It’s close by so not to difficult. I appreciate all the great comments

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