April Challenge: Lines… Entry #3 Bridge Lines

Today I will feature a photo by Marylin.
As you will remember, Marylin is our go-to techy guru.
If you did not see her post on wireless memory cards, go back in the archives and check it out.

Marylin sent me three photos as she could not decide which might be best. Obviously Marylin does not understand that I have difficulty in choosing a dozen doughnuts so I was faced with the pressure of choosing only one. There was a shot of a drain grate with a fern beneath and the other was water with linear reflections, but I chose this bridge as there are many lines to look at here.

Bridge Lines (Photo by Marylin)

Bridge Lines
(Photo by Marylin)


6 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #3 Bridge Lines

  1. So many lines, Marylin.
    There is the bridge itself, leading you to the woodland which has vertical lines from the trees, and then there is the bridge with lines from the railing as well as the planks which are a bit on a diagonal and in addition to that, you have the shadows on the bridge. I’m wondering if this might also make a good B&W image with all these strong lines. Good job, Marylin!

  2. Marilyn,

    Thank you for I feel normal now. Just like you I am also always confused and submit few pictures, & sorry Lala for the confusion. LOL.

    There are definitely lots of lines in this picture. I love the light exposure of this image that it is not bright enough yet it kind of has a soft effect that I wish it is always like this in Texas even in summer.

  3. Great job Marilyn, I love how you shot the photo looking down the bridge into the woods, there are a lot of lines in this photo! Bridges make nice subjects!
    Yes, Fay I think black and white might be nice!

  4. Marylin,
    Very nice image showing various leading lines! I like how the shadow lines fall on the bridge and you even get some curving lines along the top fence rail. Well done!

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