Wireless Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Cards (SDHC) for Photographers

Eye-Fi 16GB Card

Eye-Fi 16GB Card

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when Marylin Rey shared with me her techy expertise because techy I am not.  There are buttons on my camera that I still need to learn to use.  So I asked Marylin if she would mind writing something for the blog as I know that a lot of you have gadgets that you like to use to share your photos. So let me have Marylin explain this technology to you. 
If you have questions, please address them to Marylin as I know she would be more than happy to help you in any way she can!




There are a variety of wireless cards and transmitters out in the market for photographers who prefer to do wireless transfers of their photos and do not want to do the transfers by connecting their cameras to their computers or using other types of direct connections.

I personally use the Eye-Fi Pro X2 – 16GB SDHC Memory Card in my digital camera since I do not particularly like changing cards while I am shooting. Why do I prefer to use this wireless card to shoot my photos instead of using aregular SD card? Let me share with you the reasons:

1) Instant gratification! Within seconds of shooting, I can see the photos on my iPhone, iPad or laptop. Whichever “gadget” I choose in the settings. No wires needed!

2) No WiFi available where I am shooting? No problem. The Eye-Fi-Wi-Fi card inserted in the camera creates a WiFi bridge mode between the camera and the “gadget” selected in the settings. The “gadget” I use to transfer my photos in the field is a 64GB Apple iPad. The photos are transferred wireless from my camera to the iPad and I am able to instantly see what I am shooting right then and there. I like the fact that I am able to review the photos and then assess if I need to experiment a bit more with the camera settings, change lenses and/or capture a different angle. I think it is just awesome to get my camera and my iPad “talking” to each other while on the go without the need to have a WiFi hotspot and to be able to do the transfers without any wires or cables.

3) You may also choose to adjust the settings to automatically and wirelessly transfer the photos in your own WiFi home network. So when you get home, your camera can start “talking” to your computer and it will totally organize your pictures by the date of your shooting activities.

4) The Eye-Fi 8 and 16GB cards allow you to choose to shoot RAW formats as well as JPEG. The cards also come in a 4GB capacity; but this one does not have as many features and capabilities as the 8 and 16GB do. The 8 and 16GB cards also give you the capability of geotagging your photos allowing you to keep track the location of where you are shooting without the need to have GPS on your camera. The settings also provide you with free access to certain wireless hotspots.

5) Another great feature I like about these Eye-Fi cards is that the settings allow you to have an endless card. You can program it to erase the pictures from the card when it is getting full and when the pictures already have been automatically downloaded and have been transferred to the “gadget” you have chosen in the settings.

6) The Eye-Fi cards have many other cool features. It also allow you to transfer your pictures directly to a FTP site and/or to other popular sites like Picasa, Flicker or Facebook.

7) I find the card wireless settings for a home computer simple. In my opinion, the mobile settings need a bit more sophistication (which I am sure they are already working on those updates). I don’t mind the small glitches I experience sometimes (such as a short delay in loading) since I totally enjoy seeing the pictures as I am shooting them.

8) And, for iPhone and iPad iOS, Androids, and even for the Web…there is an app for that!

I did not pay the high price for the 16GB card that shows on Eye-Fi web page. I bought it on sale for much less. Let me know if you have any questions or want more information about these wireless cards. I would be happy to assist you with the settings if you opt to try one and if your camera is comparable with them. But most of all, let me know if you want to know more about them because you also like instant gratification when you are shooting your photos and because you also hate wires and cables as much as I do.

You may read more about these cards at: http://www.eye.fi/

So… anytime you crazy women have a technical question just “Ask Marylin”! Shoot me an e-mail and I will get in touch with Marylin to find an answer. We are so fortunate to have her as part of the club and now she is retired but I have the feeling she will be busier than ever and we will be seeing photos from all over the place!

Thanks Marylin for doing this entry to the blog… very much appreciate it and I am sure some of the gals will make good use of it!


4 thoughts on “Wireless Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Cards (SDHC) for Photographers

  1. Thanks Marylin for writing this for the blog. Though I have no gadgets to use this technology, I’m sure a bunch of the other gals do! And I can see where this would be most helpful when out and about.

  2. Marylin,

    Thank you for this information. It is very helpful. I was looking for this gadget to use since last year but no one was able to help me and explain how to use this. A co-worker mentioned this too, as he does not know how to use this either. You are such a genius. Thanks a lot again.

  3. I’ve been using an eye-fi card in my point and shoot camera for about a year now and what a handy little gadget it is. Unfortunately I can’t use one in my DSL because it only takes a compact flash card. When and if I decide to upgrade my DSL camera I will definitely be using an eye-fi.

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