Brrrrr! It was cold!

Last Thursday several of the crazy women ventured out to the Dallas Arboretum to shoot the spring flowers. It was a little iffy as they were predicting a 30% chance of rain but we decided to go anyway. The cloudy sky was actually perfect for shooting flowers and the petals were moist with raindrops. Having that cloudy sky is like a big diffuser giving soft light thereby avoiding contrasty shadows. So as Tess and I drove in, the fella who greeted us asked if we were from a photography club… that a couple people had already arrived. So I thought perhaps he was talking about another club as the only other person to meet us there was Debbie. Rebekah was planning on going but was unable to make it. We no sooner pulled into the lot and there was Debbie (otherwise known as “Abstract”).

Debbie and Tess were starting to shoot and I was talking with several of the volunteers when suddenly I heard someone call out my name. I looked over and there was a gal with a camera and then she said… “I’m Sue Green!” Woohoo! I was so excited. I had no idea she was coming and the last I had seen her was last year when we met for the first time over at the harbor. Lots of laughter and introductions all around. And let me tell you… that girl is crazy and fits in perfectly with the rest of the crazies.

So… Sue is learning her camera and I worked with her one-on-one and I am pleased to say she is off of automatic, shooting in aperture priority and starting to learn about f-stops and depth of field. I believe her lens is an 18-55mm, so I let her take a look through my camera using the 100mm macro, and then using the 100-400mm zoom lens. We discussed wide angle as opposed to telephoto and macro. I think the girl is hooked. She seemed to be having so much fun. We also worked with the depth of field preview button to get a better idea of how much of the image was in focus.

So, I would like y’all to meet Sue…

Sue, Debbie and Tess (Photo by Lala)

Sue, Debbie and Tess
(Photo by Lala)

The Crazies (Photo by Lala)

The Crazies
(Photo by Lala)

Tomorrow I will start posting some of our photos for you to see. If you have never been to the arboretum in the springtime, you must do it.
If anyone is interested in going, send me a specific date when you are free and we will do another outing. There is lots to shoot and the flowers are magnificent!


3 thoughts on “Brrrrr! It was cold!

  1. Lala,
    It was wonderful to see you and Debbie again. I miss y’all. Yes it was a cold day but it was worth it.
    Sue welcome to the club and it was a pleasure to meet you.

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