March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #11 Open Wide

Today, I have a surprise for all you crazy women. It seems that Mike… as in, Lorraine’s husband Mike, was avoiding his to-do list and came across a great silhouette in the process and decided to share it with me. What a find!
I immediately e-mailed back to see if I might use it on the blog as he is a certified member of the CWPC Men’s Auxillary! I was thrilled when he said yes! And this is what I love about photography… it lives on!

This is what Mike shared with me…

“In an all out effort to avoid my to-do list, I was going through some of my dad’s slides today. I have 1000’s of them. They are all in order and
dated to at least the month and year. With the CWPC doing silhouettes this month, I found it interesting that I came across this slide of my
aunt and me that he took in June of 1958. I just cropped it to an 8×10 and cleaned up some dust. I love that you can see that my aunt is
smiling. I’m not sure someone who didn’t know her would recognize the smile the same way I would, but it is very familiar to me. I’m not so
sure I would have recognized myself, but it was written on the slide mount.

My dad’s name was Pat. He took pictures almost all of his life. He used an Argus C3 for years, until he got a Canon A1. I have his Argus along with his first camera, the Kodak 50th Anniversary Brownie he got when Kodak gave them away in 1930 to children hoping to create future customers. It worked.”

Open Wide (Photo by Pat, thanks to Mike)

Open Wide
(Photo by Pat, thanks to Mike)

Thank you Mike for sharing this with all the crazy women. It speaks to a different era, and different technology but the basics of photography are the same. Regardless of the camera and technology, you can end up with an image that is excellent, nostalgic, sentimental, and worthy of framing. Those images become even more precious as the years go by.

Take good care of your photographs for they will become the memories of tomorrow and will touch the hearts of those you love.


7 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #11 Open Wide

  1. Mike,
    I got so emotional when I read the story behind this picture. Like your father, my father used to take pictures too. He was a very intelligent and talented man. Unfortunately, we lost all his pictures and everything everything we have when the rebels burned our house down. We don’t even have our baby pictures. If only Internet technology was there back in the old days, we could have had our baby pictures still.

    What a great story this is. You definitely have treasure to keep. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful picture.

  2. Thanks Tess,
    I’m sorry you lost your family photos. I know I will feel better if I can get a good number of my dad’s slides scanned and copies kept elsewhere. I’m really thrilled to have them, but it’s now my responsibility to keep them safe.

  3. Fay,
    Thanks for posting my dad’s photo. It was such a surprise to come across this yesterday that I just had to share it.

  4. Mike,
    That was an awesome choice. I also have lots of slides that my dad made. Memories are the greatest thing to have of beloved family members and friends. Great job on the picture

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