March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #11 Cowboy Love

I had several photos that I was choosing from but I kept coming back to this one, and I think the reason is… because, to my mind, there were several interesting elements.

I pulled this from the archives, so I was not going out that day to specifically shoot a silhouette. I went over to the harbor in Rockwall to randomly find something to shoot. It was getting late, the sun was gone and I was anticipating packing up and going home when I saw this fella and his gal walking down the path from the lighthouse, and I suppose the thing that really got my attention was his cowboy hat. It was at that moment that I thought I would like to get a silhouette. But I didn’t even know if it would work as the sky was quite dark as the sun was far below the horizon. I had seconds to make my move, and I will admit, I was hesitant, but then again the worst he could say was no!

So, I went up to the couple, introduced myself, said I love photography and would really like to get a silhouette of the two of them in front of the lighthouse, and to my surprise they agreed to do it. Not only that, but when I told them to look at each other, they struck this pose. I only got a couple shots as I did not want to hold them up and I really doubted that I had gotten the shot. I used my tripod but sometimes it is a lot of hit and miss to get a night shot. Unfortunately I did not get their e-mail or have a card to give them so I could e-mail the photo to them. If anyone knows who this cowboy is, I would love to share the photo with the lovely couple and properly thank them for the photo op. We definitely learn as we go.

Cowboy Love (Photo by Lala)

Cowboy Love
(Photo by Lala)


9 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #11 Cowboy Love

    • Thanks so much Vickie! There were actually more lights on the right side of the photo but I thought it looked better cropped a bit to get the silhouette out of center frame.

  1. Fay,
    Such a very nice photo! With the colorful background, the lighthouse, and such a romantic display, it’s a wonderful composition!! With having to take this quickly and under these conditons you really did a fantastic job! It’s such a pleasant image to look at. Hopefully one day this couple can be identified and you can give them this wonderful photo!!

  2. This is a lovely photo, gotta love that Cowboy hat, adds so much detail to the photo without knowing much about the couple! Great catch Fay, I love how just going out to shoot afords a great experience!

  3. Great shot as always, Fay. I also think the cowboy hat is a great addition to the photo. The couple look so much in love. Love the lighthouse in the background.

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