March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #9 Waiting for the Bang

This entry is from our friend Lynda from across the pond in the UK. And I must say, she should get the prize for the craziest entry of all!
You are not going to believe this story!

“Never before, or since, have I ever seen so many men of all ages,shapes and sizes laden with metal detectors, spades, etc. running so fast up hill.
It appeared that one of the detectorists had started digging an excellent signal only to partially uncover a BOMB!!

I just loved the shapes, shadows and the flash of golden sunshine on the corn stubble and having my camera in hand, pointed and clicked . . . . moments later the ray of sunshine was gone.

A Policewoman on the left of the picture stood guard for over 8hrs at the entrance to the field until the Bomb Squad came. After all the expectation of a controlled detonation and more photo opportunities, it turned out to be a WWII bomb with none of the explosives in it!

The finder of the bomb is fifth head from the right and John, honorary male member of the CWPC, is third from the right.”

Waiting for the Bang (Photo by Lynda)

Waiting for the Bang
(Photo by Lynda)


9 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #9 Waiting for the Bang

  1. Lynda…
    Great job on the photo as well as the story. Actually, the story only enhances the photo. Glad everyone was safe!
    And that light on the cornfield… perfect timing. It really brings the photo to life.

  2. Lynda,
    Very interesting and great shot! I love how you captured the intensity of the moment. The sun lighting up the cornfield on the sloping ground gives it a very nice appeal and adds pleasant colors. Nice silhouette of the men! Good job!!

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies.
    It was way too dark to take pictures of the bomb disposal fellows but had I been able to do so they certainly wouldn’t have been shown in silhouette!! Far too good looking for that!

    PS Having a camera with you all the time is invaluable . . . . as this photo snap proves.

    • On your PS, I have learned that you must have a carmera at all times since being in CWPC!! I have been caught without it so many times!
      I concur have a camera at all time is invaluable!!!

  4. Lynda,
    It is very interesting that I keep on wondering how their faces looks like. But they look like HOT papas . LMAO.

  5. Great job, Lynda. I also like the cornfield. The cornfield adds just the right amount of color with your silhouettes. Glad everyone was ok. I too could kick myself for not having a camera at times. I plan on keeping my point and shoot in the car and I have captured some pictures on my cell phone when nothing else is available. Thanks again. Would love to meet you sometime

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