March Challlenge: Silhouettes… Entry #7 Malibu Sunset

This next photo was sent by Vickie.

“Malibu Sunset…..taken on our October, 2012 trip to Malibu with a point and shoot camera. Just knew I liked this picture, did not know it was a silhouette until I read about the March challenge…”

Malibu Sunset (Photo by Vickie)

Malibu Sunset
(Photo by Vickie)


5 thoughts on “March Challlenge: Silhouettes… Entry #7 Malibu Sunset

  1. WOW! Love the pink in the sky with the palm trees in silhouette! A very striking image and I do like the way you have cropped this. I think that sometimes we should think about cropping our photos differently depending on the shot. The downside is… you can’t buy a standard mat and frame but what a focal point in a room with a custom mat and frame! Beautiful Vickie!

  2. Vickie this is beautiful!!
    I too love the sky and the way it is cropped!!
    I love too that you did not know you were shooting a silhouette!
    Great submission!

  3. Vickie,
    Very nice! I like all the various heights of the trees and the background is gorgeous!! Great silhouette!

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